Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I started getting a produce delivery. It comes to the school from Full Circle Farm.
I didn't know you could omit things at first, so the first box I was like "um... ok" there were some things I wouldn't normally buy but I gave it a go. Then I found the "omit" button and quickly packed my box myself, practically, I chose all the things I would buy and waited anxiously for it to arrive. I get it every other week, every week seemed like too much, I do still like to buy things on a whim, avocados for one, I am picky and we got through about 2 every couple days...
anyway so my box comes, I open it up, excited and prepared to wash and prep all of my requests and then... nothing. There were no things in the box that I had picked, they got it wrong....
I was SO mad, I was really bent out of shape, I had plans for my food.
So I called and they were really sweet saying they would give me a credit for the price of everything I had wanted but I didn't find that necessary, I mean, I was stuck with the box and it was full of great stuff just not the shit I wanted.
I spent the week making stuff up, which is what I do. That is how I cook.
And I wanted to share a recipe. 
Cabbage. I like it. It is find but I never buy it. I might make a spicy coleslaw in the summer when we BBQ or something but it is not something I use BUT my Mom makes this super yummy dish, unfortunately it's called "boiled dinner" which I hate the name, therefore I never make it. Besides she makes it best... I was racking my brain and I wanted to make something reminiscent of her dish but maybe a little... more me.
I roasted the cabbage in a orange and thyme vinaigrette and it was so delicious only about 1/2 of it made it, I literally stood over it, eating it off the cookie sheet, like I do blackened broccoli and curried cauliflower.
So here it is, try it out.
1/4 olive oil
1/2 orange (or lemon)
2 T. fresh thyme or 3 tsp of dried
pinch of salt
4 cracks of pepper
small squeeze of honey (about 1T)

Preheat oven to 375
Slice cabbage in half, rinse and cut out stem (triangular cut) then slice about 2" wedges, lay on cookie sheet. Drizzle vinaigrette evenly over wedges and roast on a cookie sheet for about 15 min, flip the cabbage over and 15 min more. 

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