Saturday, March 9, 2013

My guy.

Batter up.

Today I volunteered to take our son to baseball practice, not because I needed to run errands, or talk to the coach. There were no parents I was dying to chat w/ either. I just wanted to get away from everyone.
There are certain times when we as humans just need to be alone and today was that day.
I'm not even shy about admitting the fact that I sat on the bleachers for about 15 minutes then retreated to the car. I sensed a stack of mindless chitchat coming my way, so I skulked off to the car, where I'll sit perfectly quiet for the next 50 minutes. And I couldn't be happier about it.
I just wanted to share that little beauty. Some of us Mothers feel guilty or worse we are made to feel guilty and I want to remind us that guilt is a useless emotion. Take a little time for yourself. Grab your purse and the grocery list and then just go get a coffee, come home a couple hours later w/ no groceries, order a pizza and tomorrow you will be a better gal for it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Technology killed romance, and so much more.

I had a lengthy and very good conversation with a near and dear friend this morning. Someone I don't talk to nearly enough- staying connected is so much easier but yet we make less time for it. So our conversation got me thinking, has all of this technology killed our ability to want to stay connected? Has it killed our ability to have romance? Do we have a false sense of connection because of it?
I think yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
I have a feeling that we think by posting to our Facebook wall and updating our Instagram page, we as couples and close friends, family and the like, THINK we are staying connected, but are we?
My friend remembered the days of her husband standing outside, in the rain, on a pay phone that he no doubt had to search high and low for- just to say "Hi" and now we don't get a response to a picture we send via text.
I remember when calling cards were on the rider (a list of wants/needs that bands send to clubs they will be playing in- usually beer, pistachios, socks, batteries, porn and good weed) and for my guy- calling cards were a staple for years. He would covet them, hoard them and the next morning or that late night after the show, brave a dodgy neighborhood call box just to say "HI" and "I love you". Now it's "sorry I didn't call you back, I must have fallen asleep" or the lovely "my phone died and I lost my charger".
I am not saying men are liars (well, actually, I am) but do they not see the gigantic void in the romance/relationship being brought by our plethora of convenient contact-ability?
I am a stay at home Mom. I don't travel for work but I have very little time to communicate during the day. I am guilty of not bridging the gap. I do think posting photos to IG keeps my family connected and in some ways, yes, it does but I could do more and so could you.
I urge you to pick up the goddamn phone and call the one you need to call, right now. Don't text, don't forward them a cute picture of your kid or @ them on Instagram. I urge you not to send them one of those zany 'e' cards or tweet them a PM. Give them a call.
You're welcome.