Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's a bit like Dutch meets baby talk. Eddie was in the studio yesterday recording vocals for "Rock n' Roll Records", the folks at EA Games are using it in their Sim's game. Pretty crazy words like "Rokka mo bekkles" was the line for "Rock n' roll records"... anyway it was cool.
So Eddie and Q ride their bikes to the studio, it's a couple miles from us, I stayed home to tend to the womanly stuff like waiting around for the baby to wake up.
When I show up to the studio (to pick up Q for a Target trip, he was DYING for the new Toy Story 3 DS game) Eddie is like "oh, Jess is here- she'll do it" and I'm thinking this can't be good... what can they possibly need me for there? My worst fear, singing! Actually it is not a fear, I'm just not very good at it. But Dave and Eddie wanted different voices for the background vocals, so they had Quattro record and then me. It was fun, I secretly love to do that sort of thing, putting on the headphones and screaming into the mic. It's alright.
Anyway, it was so quick, painless and just another thing to add to my list.
Video to come!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love the smell of fresh grass in the morning.

It's Sunday "big breakfast" and today Eddie did just that.
He took the baby downstairs and make pancakes and oatmeal. Some days I am reminded of how awesome I have it, and today is one.
Now the boys are cutting the grass and pulling weeds, you gotta love that.
I just finished a lame movie I rented at Redbox like 3 days ago... I guess that's why they can be so cheap- no one is in a hurry to return them.
Anyway, we are getting ready to have our yearly yard sale. I am excited and dreading it all at the same time. Quattro has his lemonade stand, he is always ready to make a buck.
Which brings me to something I just read on the bands web site. They are talking about the band (who posted a few months ago they are on hiatus for the summer, writing songs, going to record, etc) not posting any summer shows... um, okay... but then someone comments that I said on my blog that I am working now, I guess leading their wild imaginations to believe the band is over, blah blah blah- for anyone who knows me, you know I have been catering for about 4 years now, I work when Eddie is home because I am a Mom first. I cook for fun and it's with my girlfriend who I love to hang out with... anyway, I don't know why I feel like I need to explain myself but suddenly I feel like I can. These "fans" that get on the message board and just talk the most ridiculous shit. They act like they live in our house, balance our checkbooks. Someone wrote on there that Eddie was on state assistance or something... I don't know why anyone would go spend time on a site for a band that they obviously hate. Why would you talk that way about someone you respect? I don't get it. I mean, I do. They like to ruffle feathers and they like to sit there and wish someone's life was worse than theirs. But our life is good. I mean things have changed, sure. Ron quit, Chris quit- that changes things but it doesn't take away what they love to do. It doesn't make the band less of a band.
You'd think these people would realize that they are ruining the website. No one goes on there with any substance anymore because people don't have time to read through all the dumb shit.
I used to go on there weekly and go to Eddie with some posts and orchestrate the fan Q&A's but I don't waste my time with that anymore. Now I come on here, my own blog- talk some shit of my own.
SO anyway.... there's some exciting news regarding Eddie... I can't say what yet but we at the Daly house are all pretty fucking excited.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Silence isn't golden.

Just read this blog Chris Neal is starting. And while my blog has nothing to do with the band, personally I have to say I think he is a real piece of work. 
His entire site is full of things Eddie wrote, lyrics from Eddie's music. Wtf? Are you that unoriginal? Can't get people to bite on your blog by using your own material?
So annoying, but I guess I don't blame him. Don't be fooled though, Chris Neal left the band high and dry- read somewhere that he was left "holding the bag" that is bs. And Ron is writing material for you?? That was a surprise, after you were basically the reason he quit. You guys deserve each other.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a wonderful world.

Not really. I think this place is pretty f'd up. But here, in my world, things are pretty rad.
We have all recovered from our lovely vacation in Mexico. The time there went by too fast but I was ready to come home. I have a lot to do here. The baby proofing is never ending (she is now cruising along the furniture, pushing the ottoman like it's her personal walker) I'm sure I'll finish about the time she goes into middle school.
More than that though I just wanted to get home, finish out this school year and start the summer. So many things are going on. Eddie is writing songs, some really amazing ones and working on a solo thing. The band is still on a break, they will come out of hiding when they record is done. I think it is a good thing but really I am pretty far removed from that whole thing, I think Eddie is a smart man and I trust what he is doing, even if he is slow or makes mistakes- I am here for the long haul.
Eddie took Q and his friend, along with Dave to the baseball game today. I was sick yesterday so I told him I didn't want to go and now I feel fine and wish I was there. Weirdly enough I am watching the game on TV!! WTF? It's crazy but I am just relaxing. Elvis is down for the second nap of the day and I really just felt like doing nothing for a little bit.
I've got to post some pics soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Holy crap, it's almost over.

So the internet isn't so great where we are staying.
There's service in the kitchen (where you plug in) and that's about it. It's supposed to be Wifi here but it is not... the place isn't too keen on helping either, the front desk is more for giving you your wrist band, which you must wear the whole time. Eddie and I both rolled our eyes at this, having a plastic bracelet on for 5 days?? Seems silly, but the pool here is bad ass and they basically don't want any Mexicans in their pool. I'm serious, going to the pool area, you'd never know you were in Mexico, you'd think you were stuck in some lame jocks wet dream of Spring Break.
Anyway, the pool is great, once you find a spot. That's a whole 'nuther ball of piss pants, every time we come to the pool there are towels on ALL the chairs and there are no people in those chairs... but low and behold, around 3-4 o'clock some old broad will come out of no where and take her seat. It's "dibs" Eddie called it, they wake up early and "call" their chair, spend all morning inside sleeping or watching Mexican soap operas, then they come out when everyone else goes back in... seems dumb and I think it should be illegal... might be the only thing illegal in Mexico, so I think someone will go for it.
Mexico is great. I heard from every single person, that heard I was coming, to BE CAREFUL!!!! Don't go out at night, blah blah blah. I mean, I guess sure, there's probably crime. Crimes against white people? Sure. But have these people never been to Detroit? I'm scared of Detroit- not Mexico. They want us here, we have $$$ and even though most Americans are total cheap asses, we come here to spend it. I think the US gov is trying to sway the white folk from coming here and spending, they're on to us. We come to Mexico, stock up on the best beer at the lowest price, stay in a massive condo for fucking peanuts and we aren't going to Disney Land and paying $20 for a hotdog. Yesterday we went to the "Super-Ley" (giant grocery store) and we filled the cart with meat, fruit, milk, coffee, beer, cokes (.25 a 'mini' bottle!) pastries, homemade tortillas, cheese, chorizo, chips, cookies... I mean TONS of stuff, it was 645 pesos, which is like $55. I could spend that on beer and coffee at home. The tortillas we bought are so good, I want to smuggle them home- they were $1.10 for about 30 of them. Handmade, so good you want to eat them all damn day.
Well that's enough about that. I hate to get all political, but you would not believe how many people tried to talk me out of going and they haven't even been here! They are watching CBS news about the drug cartel, well what about the gangs in America? let's tell people not to go to LA because there's drug violence... oh wait, Disney Land is there, we can't do that. Not that there's anything wrong with Disney land... well, there is but you know- it's all relative.
I'm just saying, come to mexico. There's beautiful people here, the beaches are CLEAN and the food is better than ever. If you stay out of trouble, you won't find any. We went out at night, I let a local carry the baby around (they love white babies), we put ice cubes in our drinks, Q made friends, it's fantastic here. We will be coming back soon, except I think I'll stay at a place that has room service. The only downer about this gigantic place we are in, there's no maid service because it is a condo and no room service.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 2.

I don't even want to kill anyone.
Well not really anyway.
Picked Eddie up today, spent some quality time with my niece and nephew- the coolest kids around... well other than my own. It is nice to be around family, for the most part, I always think it is but this time seems especially so. I think it is because I am okay with the differences, I'm not trying to change anyone, not trying to improve those that I love. I am living among them as they are and as I am and it is liberating actually.
See in the past (well up until this trip) I have always come to visit and really tried to bring the best out of everyone and it always backfired on me, leading me into this vicious circle of me feeling negated and them I am assuming attacked. I don't know, maybe not attacked but I think they felt a little uncomfortable. That's the thing about a family, they sometimes don't want change. Sometimes they know things are messy or complicated and they like it. They find peace in it even, and I was always under the impression that if I have learned anything I should share it, especially with them, I should bring my knowledge of whatever it may be that I think they need and teach them, when really, unless they think they need it, "it" is useless.
My sister always thinks I am trying to prove I am better than everyone and it's not about that. I learn things from my friends constantly and not only friends, people I don't know and I am not afraid to learn, I welcome it. I need it. I want to know more, do better and pass it on, but not every does, they want to pretend they know it all, they want to pretend their way is better, purely on the simple fact that they have been doing it that way and it must be "just fine.. that's the thing too, "just fine"! Ick, I loathe that.
I remember one time, a million years ago, my sister said something like, "you think your better than everyone" and I sat there trying to think of why that was a bad thing... but not in a crappy way, but you know, why shouldn't I at least WANT to be better than everyone? I don't think I'm stuck up, I don't think anyone that knows me would think that either, but family... do they really know you? I mean, my family still teases me about shit that happened when I was 15, so that is the me they know. And I am just not her anymore. Not at all. And if I was I would be a very different person, someone who thinks she is better than no one... sometimes I think they might wish, just a little, that I was still that little girl, the lost one. The one with the defined problems, the one that was the "bad seed" the trouble in the family. Because now, someone else has to step up and fail, someone elses troubles will rise up to be the attention grabbing pity magnet. And it ain't me. Nope. Finally, whew.
My sister said the weirdest thing to me today at lunch. There were three of us and the waitress brought the credit card receipts for all of us to sign and laid out three pens. My sister grabbed one and I looked up and saw a zebra striped one and grabbed it and said "cool" and then when I tried to use it it didn't work and she said "See. That's what you get".
I don't know why but the words rung in my ears, they paralysed me for a millisecond and I couldn't understand why, now after writing all of this, I think I do. I get it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Viva Mexico, not so much the heat.

Well it's started. Our family journeys have picked up where they've left off... well kinda. We have four now, we are no longer a party of three with a belly. She's here and she's been thrown face first into this crazy rock n' roll world, or the Daly world anyway.
One minute she is at a season end baseball game (they were creamed!) and then the after party, then off to the airport (thanks Julie!) on a plane, in a rental, at the hotel, wake up, in the pool, on the road and off to Nama's house we go. We were WAY too close to my Mom's to not visit, it's hot as shit here and there's no beach but family is as family does- and this family is pretty tight.
Tomorrow I lunch with a really fabulous high school friend, pick Eddie up at the airport and then the party begins.
Stay tuned, I'm going to go buy the flip tomorrow so I am hoping to get some video up on this bitch.