Sunday, June 6, 2010

Viva Mexico, not so much the heat.

Well it's started. Our family journeys have picked up where they've left off... well kinda. We have four now, we are no longer a party of three with a belly. She's here and she's been thrown face first into this crazy rock n' roll world, or the Daly world anyway.
One minute she is at a season end baseball game (they were creamed!) and then the after party, then off to the airport (thanks Julie!) on a plane, in a rental, at the hotel, wake up, in the pool, on the road and off to Nama's house we go. We were WAY too close to my Mom's to not visit, it's hot as shit here and there's no beach but family is as family does- and this family is pretty tight.
Tomorrow I lunch with a really fabulous high school friend, pick Eddie up at the airport and then the party begins.
Stay tuned, I'm going to go buy the flip tomorrow so I am hoping to get some video up on this bitch.

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