Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love the smell of fresh grass in the morning.

It's Sunday "big breakfast" and today Eddie did just that.
He took the baby downstairs and make pancakes and oatmeal. Some days I am reminded of how awesome I have it, and today is one.
Now the boys are cutting the grass and pulling weeds, you gotta love that.
I just finished a lame movie I rented at Redbox like 3 days ago... I guess that's why they can be so cheap- no one is in a hurry to return them.
Anyway, we are getting ready to have our yearly yard sale. I am excited and dreading it all at the same time. Quattro has his lemonade stand, he is always ready to make a buck.
Which brings me to something I just read on the bands web site. They are talking about the band (who posted a few months ago they are on hiatus for the summer, writing songs, going to record, etc) not posting any summer shows... um, okay... but then someone comments that I said on my blog that I am working now, I guess leading their wild imaginations to believe the band is over, blah blah blah- for anyone who knows me, you know I have been catering for about 4 years now, I work when Eddie is home because I am a Mom first. I cook for fun and it's with my girlfriend who I love to hang out with... anyway, I don't know why I feel like I need to explain myself but suddenly I feel like I can. These "fans" that get on the message board and just talk the most ridiculous shit. They act like they live in our house, balance our checkbooks. Someone wrote on there that Eddie was on state assistance or something... I don't know why anyone would go spend time on a site for a band that they obviously hate. Why would you talk that way about someone you respect? I don't get it. I mean, I do. They like to ruffle feathers and they like to sit there and wish someone's life was worse than theirs. But our life is good. I mean things have changed, sure. Ron quit, Chris quit- that changes things but it doesn't take away what they love to do. It doesn't make the band less of a band.
You'd think these people would realize that they are ruining the website. No one goes on there with any substance anymore because people don't have time to read through all the dumb shit.
I used to go on there weekly and go to Eddie with some posts and orchestrate the fan Q&A's but I don't waste my time with that anymore. Now I come on here, my own blog- talk some shit of my own.
SO anyway.... there's some exciting news regarding Eddie... I can't say what yet but we at the Daly house are all pretty fucking excited.


  1. Just thought I should comment here... My family and I are huge fans of the band and Eddie. I don't even check the board anymore because of exactly what you speak of. Looking forward to the boys making their way back to Oklahoma some time. Enjoy your blog.

  2. Thank you. It's good to hear. I hope they can clean that up so it's a fun place to go. I miss that. But that's the problem with so many things... anyway, I will be keeping some updates about Eddie and the guys on here as they come.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. i saw the post you are talking about. i probably hadn't been to the message board in four months and it reminded me why. i just had to shut down the page to keep from getting into with those idiots. it's not worth it to even respond to them, but i would like to punch a couple of them! hope 'summer' is going well so far.

  4. Agreed on the state of the SS board. Those of us who actually enjoy talking music, shows etc have pretty much abandoned it. It now seems overrun with crybabies. Not all, but far too many.