Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's a bit like Dutch meets baby talk. Eddie was in the studio yesterday recording vocals for "Rock n' Roll Records", the folks at EA Games are using it in their Sim's game. Pretty crazy words like "Rokka mo bekkles" was the line for "Rock n' roll records"... anyway it was cool.
So Eddie and Q ride their bikes to the studio, it's a couple miles from us, I stayed home to tend to the womanly stuff like waiting around for the baby to wake up.
When I show up to the studio (to pick up Q for a Target trip, he was DYING for the new Toy Story 3 DS game) Eddie is like "oh, Jess is here- she'll do it" and I'm thinking this can't be good... what can they possibly need me for there? My worst fear, singing! Actually it is not a fear, I'm just not very good at it. But Dave and Eddie wanted different voices for the background vocals, so they had Quattro record and then me. It was fun, I secretly love to do that sort of thing, putting on the headphones and screaming into the mic. It's alright.
Anyway, it was so quick, painless and just another thing to add to my list.
Video to come!

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