Saturday, June 12, 2010

Holy crap, it's almost over.

So the internet isn't so great where we are staying.
There's service in the kitchen (where you plug in) and that's about it. It's supposed to be Wifi here but it is not... the place isn't too keen on helping either, the front desk is more for giving you your wrist band, which you must wear the whole time. Eddie and I both rolled our eyes at this, having a plastic bracelet on for 5 days?? Seems silly, but the pool here is bad ass and they basically don't want any Mexicans in their pool. I'm serious, going to the pool area, you'd never know you were in Mexico, you'd think you were stuck in some lame jocks wet dream of Spring Break.
Anyway, the pool is great, once you find a spot. That's a whole 'nuther ball of piss pants, every time we come to the pool there are towels on ALL the chairs and there are no people in those chairs... but low and behold, around 3-4 o'clock some old broad will come out of no where and take her seat. It's "dibs" Eddie called it, they wake up early and "call" their chair, spend all morning inside sleeping or watching Mexican soap operas, then they come out when everyone else goes back in... seems dumb and I think it should be illegal... might be the only thing illegal in Mexico, so I think someone will go for it.
Mexico is great. I heard from every single person, that heard I was coming, to BE CAREFUL!!!! Don't go out at night, blah blah blah. I mean, I guess sure, there's probably crime. Crimes against white people? Sure. But have these people never been to Detroit? I'm scared of Detroit- not Mexico. They want us here, we have $$$ and even though most Americans are total cheap asses, we come here to spend it. I think the US gov is trying to sway the white folk from coming here and spending, they're on to us. We come to Mexico, stock up on the best beer at the lowest price, stay in a massive condo for fucking peanuts and we aren't going to Disney Land and paying $20 for a hotdog. Yesterday we went to the "Super-Ley" (giant grocery store) and we filled the cart with meat, fruit, milk, coffee, beer, cokes (.25 a 'mini' bottle!) pastries, homemade tortillas, cheese, chorizo, chips, cookies... I mean TONS of stuff, it was 645 pesos, which is like $55. I could spend that on beer and coffee at home. The tortillas we bought are so good, I want to smuggle them home- they were $1.10 for about 30 of them. Handmade, so good you want to eat them all damn day.
Well that's enough about that. I hate to get all political, but you would not believe how many people tried to talk me out of going and they haven't even been here! They are watching CBS news about the drug cartel, well what about the gangs in America? let's tell people not to go to LA because there's drug violence... oh wait, Disney Land is there, we can't do that. Not that there's anything wrong with Disney land... well, there is but you know- it's all relative.
I'm just saying, come to mexico. There's beautiful people here, the beaches are CLEAN and the food is better than ever. If you stay out of trouble, you won't find any. We went out at night, I let a local carry the baby around (they love white babies), we put ice cubes in our drinks, Q made friends, it's fantastic here. We will be coming back soon, except I think I'll stay at a place that has room service. The only downer about this gigantic place we are in, there's no maid service because it is a condo and no room service.


  1. smuggle me back some homemade tortillas!!!! YUMMO. sounds like y'all are having a great time, i'm so jealous! enjoy that weather while you can before you come back to the rain capitol of the US LOL.....although, today was GORGEOUS here.

  2. hahaha that cracks me up about the "dibs" thing.. I can so see Eddie surmising that fact :) yeah I agree, I think statistics are much higher getting jacked in the states.. Most of the crime stays within the cartel down there..tourists seem to do pretty good and get a bang for their buck :) just read your FB post about leaving the waverunner gasless...etc...sounds like a perfect trip :) safe travels home...try not to get mugged AFTER you cross the border :)