Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a wonderful world.

Not really. I think this place is pretty f'd up. But here, in my world, things are pretty rad.
We have all recovered from our lovely vacation in Mexico. The time there went by too fast but I was ready to come home. I have a lot to do here. The baby proofing is never ending (she is now cruising along the furniture, pushing the ottoman like it's her personal walker) I'm sure I'll finish about the time she goes into middle school.
More than that though I just wanted to get home, finish out this school year and start the summer. So many things are going on. Eddie is writing songs, some really amazing ones and working on a solo thing. The band is still on a break, they will come out of hiding when they record is done. I think it is a good thing but really I am pretty far removed from that whole thing, I think Eddie is a smart man and I trust what he is doing, even if he is slow or makes mistakes- I am here for the long haul.
Eddie took Q and his friend, along with Dave to the baseball game today. I was sick yesterday so I told him I didn't want to go and now I feel fine and wish I was there. Weirdly enough I am watching the game on TV!! WTF? It's crazy but I am just relaxing. Elvis is down for the second nap of the day and I really just felt like doing nothing for a little bit.
I've got to post some pics soon!

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