Saturday, July 30, 2011

The tube!

Elvis' first ride on the tube.

Bright eyes

Killin' it.

Somwhere in England

We pulled over on our way from London to Cardiff, when we saw this amazing park. It had a cute little fence surrounding it, with a sign saying it was for 14 and younger and all adults had to be accompanied by a child. I was thinking "that is so cute, why don't we have that in America??". And as soon as we walk in, I look at the bench under the trees- bum nap. So that's universal.

holy shit

I'm tired.
I guess jet lag can come back and sneak up on you. I was cruising a long just fine and then today I just hit a wall.
I am SO tired and I have a headache, it blows.
Elvis and I stayed in tonight. Quattro is manning the merch booth alone, he is good at it and he likes to get paid.
... I should go. This is going to be so boring you will never come back to read anything else. I have to admit defeat. I need to sleep. But first, some pictures! These are from my phone, the good ones are STILL not on the computer. Annoying.

The view from our room in Bristol. Beautiful city.

Passed out, backstage in Cardiff.

Hotel chill time.

Our car!! It's really awesome and for a family that owns a mini cooper we are really enjoying all the space.

This was on the flight in. I am really happy they get to go on this journey.

Alright, I will be back tomorrow. We are leaving for Nottingham and then next, a day off. First one of the tour, we will have to enjoy it because the next one isn't for 7 days!


So the internet has been total whack for us so far. It is hit or miss and mostly a big miss.
We are leaving our nice hotel in Bristol, heading for Stonehenge, which none of us have seen, so we are quite excited. I heard you can't get close to it anymore, so that will be a drag. I imagine it will be like going to the Grand Canyon "look kids, there's the Grand Canyon.... lets go!"
We are heading to Southampton where I hope the people come out to the show. We have had a lot of fun on the first three, it is hard to believe we have 4 weeks left... I'm not sick of it or anything, I just hope my kids hold out for the journey.
Elvis has been a total blast. She has been walking up on stage at the shows and yelling "Daddy! Daddy!". It's funny for us. I am sure there are plenty of people that think it is not very rock n roll but this is our rock n roll. You have to be quite hardcore to take this ride and I am just really glad we get to do it. I sometimes get this feeling that maybe this isn't okay, maybe this isn't "cool" to take kids on the road and have them in clubs, up all night (which isn't the case on this tour, the shows have been super early, which is the only part I believe it NOT rock n roll)... I'm like any other Mom, I second guess myself. I worry I am making a huge mistake but I think if it were a real mistake, I'd feel it in my gut. I don't. I just have a little moment and then see something awesome come from what we are doing, then I know it is all going to be alright. Better than alright, I mean, things are fucking awesome.
Speaking of seeing something awesome. Quattro has been getting on stage every night and playing his song "Lazy Day", I mean, I'm his Mom, so I am totallly biased, I am in his corner if he sang "Twinkle Twinkle" on bagpipes- but this kid... he is all the rock n roll I need. He blows me away.
So off to Stonehenge. I am going to try and find a gawd damn camera cord, it is KILLING ME, totally pissing me off not to post photos, I've got a ton and it's only day 4!! (of 38).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

London calling.

We did it. We adjusted our clocks. In record time, I might add.
Last night was the warm welcome we needed and I feel, deserved. We have come a long way baby.
I still can't post pictures and I have plenty.
Yesterday we went walking around London because we couldn't check into our hotel until 3 p.m. And waking up a 5 a.m. from the other place, did I tell you about the Jubilee? Ick! I guess I am going to have to reread my previous posts because I can't recall a thing that was on there.
Anyway... London.
We were so tired and wanted to just go to sleep but it wasn't to be. We pulled into the hotel, parked the car and set off for the tube, which we accidentally on purpose, rode for free because we weren't privy to the "Oyster card"... who knows these things. I have to say that parts of the tube station aren't really set up for tourists, maybe they are trying to tell us something? I don't think so, the people here are really nice and although crass as all hell, I really really like them.
We ended up going to St. Pauls Cathedral. In all the times Eddie and I have been here, we have never stopped, and it was a fantastic decision.
We walked around the entire structure just blown away by the size, the thing is HUGE! There were tons of tourists (wonder if any of them rode the tube for free?) and Quattro had a blast taking pictures from odd angles. I think he is enjoying the bit of freedom that comes with being 10, not always having to be right next to us. It is nerve wracking but we let him have space to roam, he's 10! Holy shit. He's 10...
More later.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good (eh) morning, London.

Well, we did it. We made it. We are all in one piece, together, smiling, somewhat rested and happy to be on this end of the beginning of the journey. This "end", meaning, we are done with all the initial bullshit. I am not sure if it because we travel so much or if it is to ensure our coolness or maybe just dumb luck because no matter how rough things get, we have probably been through worse- whatever the reason, we always try to take it in stride and see the good from the bad and we always, always, remind ourselves that WE aren't the ones working the Delta counter at the airport.
We sat through the line at SEATAC for an hour and a half. Eddie and Q (whom could check in online) went ahead of us, even though Quattro was worried he would have to leave without me "will you BE on the flight??". I repurchase Elvis' ticket to avoid missing our flight. Elvis and I cut in the security line because, well, I had had enough of lines for that day.
We make it to our connection with the first leg a total success. Elvis was a completely calm cat, she made friends with the flight attendants right away and even fell asleep on Eddie for a while.
Second flight was 8 1/2 hours- this too was a good one. Q and I sat together and Eddie just to the right of me on the aisle across. Elvis took turns being with the two of us, ending up in my lap when the food arrived and when Q ordered an apple juice that promptly ended up all over his feet and my new magazine... not going to phase me. Elvis watched more TV that she has in her entire life, she is now a junkie I'm sure- although being over here for nearly 6 weeks, she will be pulled off cold turkey, England has horrible cable and Europe... well other than nothing being in English, it's pretty bleak too. But we don't come on vacation to watch TV, nor do we frown upon it when Q grabs the remote, um, hello- we are Americans.
So after landing in London, I am always a little nervous about customs. Not because I think they will find my pounds of cocaine hidden in disposable diapers but sometimes it can take forever! Mostly Canada but once I flew over with just the guys while 5 months pregnant with Elvis, for a quick weekend festival and I am quite certain we sat at customs for an entire trimester.
This time was smooth and again, kids were fantastic. Which I will keep mentioning so I never forget how well they travel because we are going to hit a tantrum at some point, girl is almost 2.
We pile into the rental car van, which is saying something. We have our traveling and packing down to a science, but when you are on tour there are bags and bags of merch- I think all together we have 10 bags. We pull up to the rental car place and I am usually sure there is going to be a problem. Seems as though there is always a charge that was not in the initial reservation- in England they like to get you with the gas deposit and tank fee- this is about 200 pounds which is roughly $5000. I'm kidding, but it is a lot and the card our car was on would be maxed out with the rental (did I mention we are here for more than a month??) So they won't let you split the rental, some on one card, some on the other. I know I might be bursting our bubble here- we are not millionaires. We aren't flying first class and being picked up by limos. We aren't flying from show to show- there's no chocolate on our pillows (well, not this morning, certainly). We are absolutely doing this all on our own. I am the travel agent, Eddie is his own manager (I'm kidding, I do that too). He does have a booking agent, of course- we aren't that low brow- but we are the gas in our own tanks. We are the ones beating our own drum. To start a trip like this, we figure we are in the hole at the beginning and spend the entire time climbing out. The good news is that's how it works, the better news is, we GET to do it. My sister said "I wish I could go on a real vacation" and I couldn't help but laugh inside- if anyone thinks this is 40 nights at the Four Seasons... well, you should stop reading.
I lost my train of thought. I was up for 30 hours and slept from 9-11 p.m. then up for 2 hours, then slept until 5 a.m. This room is a dive, $250 dive and I can't wait to get out of it. We are about 200 steps from Buckingham Palace though, so my complaints are at a minimum. When I booked the place I missed the "Bed & Breakfast" note, one must be careful when traveling in the UK and staying at a B&B, it's like going to Tucson- if it says "air cooled" you are fucked. All I'm saying about this place is that the breakfast better be good.
Pictures to come, seems like a certain someone that wears a cowboy hat forgot to grab my camera cord...
Please "follow" my blog. Retweet and send my link around. I'm looking to cause a ruckus this time. And comment, I need something to read, I forgot my new book "Bossypants" by Tina Fey.
Tonights show
Wed 27.07.11 Islington Academy 2, London, UK.


We have officially set sail, or um, taken flight.
As I type I am sitting a mere 34000 miles above the earth, above a massive body of water, which I mustn't think about too much. I mean, if we fell there's nothing down there, just you and me and the deep blue sea. Usually joking makes me feel better but sometimes it's a miss.
I am not a really nervous flier and I might add I wasn't nervous AT ALL until I had kids. Damn kids. I never had a second thought about walking onto a plane before sporting the pregnant belly- since I met Eddie and we bonded over our love of Andy Kaufman, the only thing we had to (and still do) is get on right foot first. Really, we do.
But back to my non fear of flying, I do admit to a more "anxious" reaction to it. I find it hard to relax and hard to stop moving and hard to stop thinking of plummeting... who can ignore this? Not me. So I talked to my doctor last week, when I received my, now yearly, steroid injections and he hooked me up with something that rhymes with "marzipan" can't remember. He said it was mellow and would just make me feel like I'd had a couple beers and I wouldn't be super tired (um, hello! I am traveling with a 10 year old AND a baby- this chick can't be tired, I mean, unless they are). He said taking one would take the edge off but I wouldn't feel unlike myself. As I got on the first leg of the flight I felt fine, I didn't take it, I did have a Bloody Mary instead (Willie would be proud!). Then we changed planes in Minneapolis and as I boarded a much larger, much longer flight, I decided to take two AND have a beer. "Doctors orders"... well not really, but come on Doc, you know who you are dealing with.
Anyway, now I am feeling pretty awesome and not at all tired. Maybe I should have skipped the beer but whatever. Eddie keeps telling me to "get some sleep" but I just can't, I'm too silly. If I was home I would not be sleeping and sure we are going to land in London and it will be 12 p.m. and I will have a whole day to muscle through but I am my funniest on no sleep. Really. Watch me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Move it out!

On the eve of our annual yard sale, I am finally feeling like I have the whole family on board.
If you read my previous post you will see it is me that feels a strong desire, an emotional push if you will, to be traditional and at the same time, modern as fuck.
I am always trying to take the traditions that were passed on to me from my Grandparents and give them a funky twist. It is important that I teach my children the ways of their grandparents, who are still living and a part of their lives, but things have changed. They are no longer the parents, they are living on their own but partially being taken care of now, by their children. I want my kids to know how things are supposed to be, what family is supposed to mean and that I learned in great part by spending countless days with grandparents.
Sitting at the table together is old school. I can bet the better part of my fellow parents can not make this happen. I think in part because as the, now wives, were growing up they were taught to hold their own, which sadly meant giving up being a good housewife, a proper mother maybe. Hey, I said "maybe". Who knows these things?
I just think that there was a lot of shift that went on in the decade(s) before me and since that fortunately showed women we didn't have to be the stay at home, Mrs. Brady. We could go to college and become our own bosses and have it all... but we forgot something. I think. In the mania to become unleashed from this "mans world" prapganda, I believe, we forgot how to rule the roost. We glazed over the chapter, shit even the footnotes on how to have, care for and kick ass, in our own home.
Which, let's face it, most of us want at some point in our lives. I think that is just part of life. It is the way it is. I do not believe in Adam and Eve, but I do believe that at some point in a woman's life and could be in a man's, we want to break it down. We want a family of our own. Some earlier, some late in life but it is part of our make-up as humans to plant the seed. Not all of us. Thank them for not, I guess. I am against over population, I think our universe has a way of "thinning the herd" (that's terrible) and sure I wish it would take some and spare others but I am not Ms. Universe, but I was voted Ms. Photogenic in the one and only pagent I did... too bad it was before "Toddlers and Tiaras", maybe I could've been Ms. Universe?
Okay, where was I... propaganda... footnotes, plant the seed, thin the herd... ah yes, more so than being against over population, I am against under population. My grandparents and their grandparents worked too hard, lived too long and loved too much for me to want to spit out a family free reject. I do not want my kids growing up in an empty "Super Mom" free home.
I just want to get back what I think we may have lost over time. I am all for girl power, womans movement. I am not a woman hater. I love woman. If there's such a thing, I believe I might be 33% gay. So there.
But now, at 34, I know that I am on the right path. I am getting my family and making it the best damn thing I can muster.
I want to have it all and I won't stop EVER because I am a realist as well as an optimist. I will always want it all and maybe, just maybe at some point it will all be enough and as I watch my kids walk down the aisle, whether it be to graduate Harvard, beauty school, or to get married to their same sex partner, I will feel like I didn't have to give up anything, but that my real lifes work was done right. I wish I would have finished college, I guess. It seems to be a good thing to have on that resume, which I do not have. But like now, back then, I didn't really want to do one thing forever. I just didn't. All the adults I knew that went to college OR not, had a job that they, well, hated. I didn't grow up around one person who loved their job, so of course I thought "um... don't get one". In a more civilized fashion of course. I just chose not to do any one thing for too long and I wanted to do a little bit of everything. And boy did I do that! Save that "piece de resistance" for another time.
In closing I would like to say that now, as I am a growing up woman, married for 12 years, mother of 2- I know people that really love their jobs but every last one of them wishes they had more time with the kids.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Modern Family

Tonight it has been brought to my attention that I may be, along with many many others, up against a motherfucking wall. When it comes to being (having) the quintessential modern mother (family), how is it possible? And what does that mean?

I am supposed to shop at the weekly farmers market, go out to the bar a few times a month, have sex at least once a week (HA!), call my Mother every other, send birthday cards to people in the family, even if I don't know their middle name.
I am supposed to stay at home with my children because daycare just won't do.
I am supposed to have tattoos.
I am supposed to be in the PTA, don't I care about education?
I am supposed to wear high heels, be thin, like my body and show just enough and not to much skin. I am supposed to know that exact formula, even on 2 hours sleep.
I am supposed to breast feed in public and feel comfortable all the while I am being given the eye by the pervert or old lady who's just jealous because her milk sacks are now not only dry as the Sahara but drag on the ground because she too breast fed her children.
I supposed to believe that this will not happen to mine.
I am not supposed to have my hair in a ponytail every day.
I am supposed to use cloth diapers but wait, they may not be better for the environment, so I should use the chemical free ones, even though I can barely afford this kickback to my planet.
I am supposed to send thank you cards.
I am supposed to shave. Everywhere. And wax, everywhere else.
I am supposed to cook for my family and have them all sit together. I am responsible for keeping things real, I have to be old school and new school and then figure out what both of those mean because that too is my job.
I have to keep the TV watching down to a minimum and no fast food. I have to limit sugar and calculate the amount of time we all spend being active.
I have to pretend to hate white sugar.
I have to look good to the other husbands so I am still attractive to my own. I have to be friends with the wives of the husbands I don't like.
I have to pretend they don't judge me.
I have to have friends.
I have to go to the gym or beat myself up relentlessly when I cancel my class because I just wanted to sleep in.
I have to smile at the neighbor who yelled at my kid and pretend to ignore the other one who's lived there too long for me to introduce myself now.
I have to ignore ex-boyfriends on Facebook.
I have to pretend to care about music because it use to be my life.
I have to convince myself that "it's a phase".
This phase is called "This is not your life, but it's wonderful. Enjoy."
And once it's over and my kids are grown and they live on their own, I will thank myself for trying.
I tried to do it all, right. I didn't try to be perfect, I just tried to do it, alright!


maybe not.


Trying to see if I figured out the "twitterfeed".

Spaghetti family is at it again.

It's about that time again.

As we are getting ready to pack it up, head off to one of our favorite places to travel, I wanted to see if there was anyone still here?? And may you want to join us? In blog world, that is.

We leave for London in 3 weeks, I will again be writing about our family tour as Eddie brings his solo action, in support of the fabulous "Sundowner", to all you fine folks in the UK and Europe. Please follow me here
Here's our itinerary.

Wed 27.07.11 Academy 2, London, UK

Thu 28.07.11 Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, UK

Fri 29.07.11 Thekla Bar, Bristol, UK

Sat 30.07.11 Joiners, Southampton, UK

Sun 31.07.11 Red Room, Nottingham, UK

Mon 01.08.11 OFF

Tue 02.08.11 Night and Day, Manchester, UK

Wed 03.08.11 Yardbirds, Grimsby, UK

Thu 04.08.11 Trillains, Newcastle, UK

Fri 05.08.11 Captain's Rest, Glasgow, UK.

Sat 06.08.11 Corporation, Sheffield, UK.

Sun 07.08.11 Central Station, Wrexham, UK.

Mon 08.08.11 OFF

Tue 09.08.11 Portland Arms, Cambridge, UK.

Wed 10.08.11 Academy 3, Birmingham, UK.

Thu 11.08.11 Color Fest @ Nouveau Casino, Paris, France.

Fri 12.08.11 Orange Peel, Frankfurt, Germany.

Sat 13.08.11 Stereo Wonderland, Cologne, Germany.

Sun 14.08.11 Flaming Star, Speyer, Germany.

Mon 15.08.11 Objekt 5, Halle, Germany.

Wed 17.08.11 Eburg, Erfurt, Germany.

Fri 19.08.11 Zwoelfzehn, Stuttgart, Germany.

Sun 21.08.11 Hard Place, Zagreb, Croatia.

Fri 26.08.11 *Azkena, Bilbao, Spain.

Sat 27.08.11 El Perro de la Parte de AtrĂ¡s del Coche, Madrid, Spain.

Sun 28.08.11 Valhalla Rock Bar, Barcelona, Spain.

*note change of venue