Thursday, July 28, 2011

London calling.

We did it. We adjusted our clocks. In record time, I might add.
Last night was the warm welcome we needed and I feel, deserved. We have come a long way baby.
I still can't post pictures and I have plenty.
Yesterday we went walking around London because we couldn't check into our hotel until 3 p.m. And waking up a 5 a.m. from the other place, did I tell you about the Jubilee? Ick! I guess I am going to have to reread my previous posts because I can't recall a thing that was on there.
Anyway... London.
We were so tired and wanted to just go to sleep but it wasn't to be. We pulled into the hotel, parked the car and set off for the tube, which we accidentally on purpose, rode for free because we weren't privy to the "Oyster card"... who knows these things. I have to say that parts of the tube station aren't really set up for tourists, maybe they are trying to tell us something? I don't think so, the people here are really nice and although crass as all hell, I really really like them.
We ended up going to St. Pauls Cathedral. In all the times Eddie and I have been here, we have never stopped, and it was a fantastic decision.
We walked around the entire structure just blown away by the size, the thing is HUGE! There were tons of tourists (wonder if any of them rode the tube for free?) and Quattro had a blast taking pictures from odd angles. I think he is enjoying the bit of freedom that comes with being 10, not always having to be right next to us. It is nerve wracking but we let him have space to roam, he's 10! Holy shit. He's 10...
More later.

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