Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good (eh) morning, London.

Well, we did it. We made it. We are all in one piece, together, smiling, somewhat rested and happy to be on this end of the beginning of the journey. This "end", meaning, we are done with all the initial bullshit. I am not sure if it because we travel so much or if it is to ensure our coolness or maybe just dumb luck because no matter how rough things get, we have probably been through worse- whatever the reason, we always try to take it in stride and see the good from the bad and we always, always, remind ourselves that WE aren't the ones working the Delta counter at the airport.
We sat through the line at SEATAC for an hour and a half. Eddie and Q (whom could check in online) went ahead of us, even though Quattro was worried he would have to leave without me "will you BE on the flight??". I repurchase Elvis' ticket to avoid missing our flight. Elvis and I cut in the security line because, well, I had had enough of lines for that day.
We make it to our connection with the first leg a total success. Elvis was a completely calm cat, she made friends with the flight attendants right away and even fell asleep on Eddie for a while.
Second flight was 8 1/2 hours- this too was a good one. Q and I sat together and Eddie just to the right of me on the aisle across. Elvis took turns being with the two of us, ending up in my lap when the food arrived and when Q ordered an apple juice that promptly ended up all over his feet and my new magazine... not going to phase me. Elvis watched more TV that she has in her entire life, she is now a junkie I'm sure- although being over here for nearly 6 weeks, she will be pulled off cold turkey, England has horrible cable and Europe... well other than nothing being in English, it's pretty bleak too. But we don't come on vacation to watch TV, nor do we frown upon it when Q grabs the remote, um, hello- we are Americans.
So after landing in London, I am always a little nervous about customs. Not because I think they will find my pounds of cocaine hidden in disposable diapers but sometimes it can take forever! Mostly Canada but once I flew over with just the guys while 5 months pregnant with Elvis, for a quick weekend festival and I am quite certain we sat at customs for an entire trimester.
This time was smooth and again, kids were fantastic. Which I will keep mentioning so I never forget how well they travel because we are going to hit a tantrum at some point, girl is almost 2.
We pile into the rental car van, which is saying something. We have our traveling and packing down to a science, but when you are on tour there are bags and bags of merch- I think all together we have 10 bags. We pull up to the rental car place and I am usually sure there is going to be a problem. Seems as though there is always a charge that was not in the initial reservation- in England they like to get you with the gas deposit and tank fee- this is about 200 pounds which is roughly $5000. I'm kidding, but it is a lot and the card our car was on would be maxed out with the rental (did I mention we are here for more than a month??) So they won't let you split the rental, some on one card, some on the other. I know I might be bursting our bubble here- we are not millionaires. We aren't flying first class and being picked up by limos. We aren't flying from show to show- there's no chocolate on our pillows (well, not this morning, certainly). We are absolutely doing this all on our own. I am the travel agent, Eddie is his own manager (I'm kidding, I do that too). He does have a booking agent, of course- we aren't that low brow- but we are the gas in our own tanks. We are the ones beating our own drum. To start a trip like this, we figure we are in the hole at the beginning and spend the entire time climbing out. The good news is that's how it works, the better news is, we GET to do it. My sister said "I wish I could go on a real vacation" and I couldn't help but laugh inside- if anyone thinks this is 40 nights at the Four Seasons... well, you should stop reading.
I lost my train of thought. I was up for 30 hours and slept from 9-11 p.m. then up for 2 hours, then slept until 5 a.m. This room is a dive, $250 dive and I can't wait to get out of it. We are about 200 steps from Buckingham Palace though, so my complaints are at a minimum. When I booked the place I missed the "Bed & Breakfast" note, one must be careful when traveling in the UK and staying at a B&B, it's like going to Tucson- if it says "air cooled" you are fucked. All I'm saying about this place is that the breakfast better be good.
Pictures to come, seems like a certain someone that wears a cowboy hat forgot to grab my camera cord...
Please "follow" my blog. Retweet and send my link around. I'm looking to cause a ruckus this time. And comment, I need something to read, I forgot my new book "Bossypants" by Tina Fey.
Tonights show
Wed 27.07.11 Islington Academy 2, London, UK.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures. Two great but very different books: Cutting For Stone, and The Help. My most favorite book ever is Bel Canto.
    Good luck and have fun!

  2. I've been meaning to get that Tina Fey book for a while now but am torn whether or not to get it on audiobook as she reads it herself which I imagine could be even funnier.

    Great show in London last night, hope you guys have a good time tonight in Cardiff.
    (I've never been to Wales, hope it's nice)