Saturday, July 30, 2011


So the internet has been total whack for us so far. It is hit or miss and mostly a big miss.
We are leaving our nice hotel in Bristol, heading for Stonehenge, which none of us have seen, so we are quite excited. I heard you can't get close to it anymore, so that will be a drag. I imagine it will be like going to the Grand Canyon "look kids, there's the Grand Canyon.... lets go!"
We are heading to Southampton where I hope the people come out to the show. We have had a lot of fun on the first three, it is hard to believe we have 4 weeks left... I'm not sick of it or anything, I just hope my kids hold out for the journey.
Elvis has been a total blast. She has been walking up on stage at the shows and yelling "Daddy! Daddy!". It's funny for us. I am sure there are plenty of people that think it is not very rock n roll but this is our rock n roll. You have to be quite hardcore to take this ride and I am just really glad we get to do it. I sometimes get this feeling that maybe this isn't okay, maybe this isn't "cool" to take kids on the road and have them in clubs, up all night (which isn't the case on this tour, the shows have been super early, which is the only part I believe it NOT rock n roll)... I'm like any other Mom, I second guess myself. I worry I am making a huge mistake but I think if it were a real mistake, I'd feel it in my gut. I don't. I just have a little moment and then see something awesome come from what we are doing, then I know it is all going to be alright. Better than alright, I mean, things are fucking awesome.
Speaking of seeing something awesome. Quattro has been getting on stage every night and playing his song "Lazy Day", I mean, I'm his Mom, so I am totallly biased, I am in his corner if he sang "Twinkle Twinkle" on bagpipes- but this kid... he is all the rock n roll I need. He blows me away.
So off to Stonehenge. I am going to try and find a gawd damn camera cord, it is KILLING ME, totally pissing me off not to post photos, I've got a ton and it's only day 4!! (of 38).

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  1. i think this is awesome, and as a fan for many many years I think most of us our totally on board with the early shows and kid cameos. and while rock and roll is eternal and the kids will rock out to the early mornings forever, we rock and rollers get old and these kinds of shows sound fantastic to me. awesome that you are doing this and sharing with your kids. I love following the journey.