Saturday, July 30, 2011

holy shit

I'm tired.
I guess jet lag can come back and sneak up on you. I was cruising a long just fine and then today I just hit a wall.
I am SO tired and I have a headache, it blows.
Elvis and I stayed in tonight. Quattro is manning the merch booth alone, he is good at it and he likes to get paid.
... I should go. This is going to be so boring you will never come back to read anything else. I have to admit defeat. I need to sleep. But first, some pictures! These are from my phone, the good ones are STILL not on the computer. Annoying.

The view from our room in Bristol. Beautiful city.

Passed out, backstage in Cardiff.

Hotel chill time.

Our car!! It's really awesome and for a family that owns a mini cooper we are really enjoying all the space.

This was on the flight in. I am really happy they get to go on this journey.

Alright, I will be back tomorrow. We are leaving for Nottingham and then next, a day off. First one of the tour, we will have to enjoy it because the next one isn't for 7 days!

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