Thursday, March 25, 2010

That's my girl

Elvis Glo Danger. 6 months

LA Ink

I was watching LA Ink because there was absolutely nothing on and the dishes were done, babies in bed and husband playing a show- I was weak!
Anyway I hear this voice and see that my old friend Craig (formerly the washboard genius of Throw Rag) is on the show. I was confused but then noticed he was at his shop, American Electric and I was just blown away. So I proceeded to watch the entire show, to see when he would be back on. He's fantastic, adorable, abrasive and has the most lovable, snarly look about him and he was wearing a cowboy shirt which really sealed the deal.
He wasn't on the show much, but he was the best part. I have since watched LA Ink to see that face but he really has such a small part. I don't know the tie in, maybe they're friends? 
LA Ink has this girl manager in charge and it just seems all scripted. So dumb, fake scenes, fake fights. I mean, maybe they're not fake (HA!) but these people are the most awkward people, if they're not, in fact, horrible actors.
And what's with Kat's face? She was so pretty before, now she's all pulled tight, botox is not always a girls best friend. She looks plastic and I am not trying to be mean, it's just a drag to see someone cool looking get so... fake.


As we rearrange the livingroom, again, I put on an old Toadies record and I am instantly taken back... something about old records, songs that can just zap you back in time. 
I remember when I used to smoke, when I would blow it out through my nose it reminded me of rehab... weird.
Smoking is bad and I am happy to be outta that racket, I am entirely too vain. I will almost certainly smoke again, at some point but that's just me being honest. I hate when people quit something and swear it off forever. Why? I mean, hopefully forever is a really long time, right? I can't imagine being tied to anything I've sworn off or worse being one of those people that "quits" everything, preaches about it and then go back without a thought. I think that whole "everything in moderation" is almost right.

Friday, March 12, 2010

What's it to you?

I am so sick of hearing people weigh in on breastfeeding.
What's it to anyone? I mean, it's discussed on shows, websites blogs... like this one...
I guess what really pissed me off is that anyone would think to say it's wrong.
And then when there are discussions about people who are doing it, they all talk about hiding in the fucking bathroom! I just read this ridiculously long list of posts on like iVillage  or something and these women are talking about staying indoors because they are breastfeeding and going into their car or worse, a public bathroom! YUCK.
Can you imagine grabbing your lunch and walking into the bathroom to eat? Please.
Sure it's weird because we are so weird about sex and the naked body, etc. Hey, I'm not but society in this country is. But it's food. Period. It's how some, lucky, babies eat.
And I get it, there are some women out there that are too proud, they show the whole damn room their enormous nipples, but don't look. Simple as that. It's not like they are walking around the room feeding their baby.
The problem is there are so many misinformed Mothers out there because of all of this shit talk about breastfeeding. I think it should be your decision, if you don't do it, don't. But if you're going to do it, just go for it. Get on with your life. Bring a blanket, which sometimes works until the baby doesn't like it and they start pulling it off. Wear the right shirt, better yet, do like I do and always wear a tank top underneath. So when you have to lift up your shirt (which you should, your giant jug should always go under, never over the shirt) your not feeling a draft, you will feel better about it, trust me.
So I guess I too am discussing this and that is the very thing that annoys me, but it frustrates me to hear people, men and women talk about how they think it's gross. I think some people are gross, their eating habits, their shoes, their FACES but I'm not going to tell them to stay in the fucking house.
Ugh, it just makes me angry and a little sad to think that someone could have such a negative feeling about a Mother feeding her baby and my feeling is that their Mother's didn't love them enough.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't be that guy.

So Quattro goes to a friends house and comes home loving a song by NOFX (I know, crap). I don't have a problem with him liking shitty music, I knew it was coming. I'm mean so far so good... until this.
Here's the problem. The song is "Gotta Pee" it's ridiculous, harmless but just dumb- so he asks Eddie to put it on his iPOD and I say "you know, you're 9 and I just don't think so". I mean, sure we are rock n' roll people, but first I'm a Mom and I just think it's fine to hear but do I want him having it on his iPOD? Nope, he's a kid, he won't be forever but he is now.
So I think that's the end of it. Eddie was there, he agreed (so I thought) and it was all behind us...
until last night.
Q was singing that song and we just happened to be Skyping with Eddie and I said "so did you ever put that song on your iPOD?". Q is instantly quiet, so I look at Eddie's face on the computer screen and he's... guilty.
I couldn't believe it. They both went behind my back and put the song on there anyway.
It's not so much the song as the keeping it from me, or rather the I said no and they just said screw it. I'm bummed at Q but more so Eddie. I would have rather him taught Q to fight for the song, maybe tell him how to word his case so maybe I will say ok, or whatever. I am a hard-ass. I know this and you know they do but I have a real problem with teaching kids they are able to lie about stuff, to hide stuff- I know they will do it. I understand I will not always have this super honest kid (which he is now, he is brutally honest) but is it too much to ask for just straight up honesty?
I was a super dishonest kid. I don't know why, I do not think you are born that way, I believe it is a learned behavior (in that case, maybe I do know why...) so I guess that is a little glimpse of why I am so adamant about raising my kids with morals, with the sheer knowledge that it is ALWAYS better to tell the truth or at least really show them how important it is for that relationship.
And that brings me to another thing about lying. Is it ever okay? Is the thought "a little lie can't hurt" really true?
Case and point.
Eddie (here we go again) was pulled over for speeding last year and the cop wrote him a ticket and then asked "were you on your cell phone while driving?" and Eddie said "nope".
Q was in the backseat.