Thursday, March 25, 2010

LA Ink

I was watching LA Ink because there was absolutely nothing on and the dishes were done, babies in bed and husband playing a show- I was weak!
Anyway I hear this voice and see that my old friend Craig (formerly the washboard genius of Throw Rag) is on the show. I was confused but then noticed he was at his shop, American Electric and I was just blown away. So I proceeded to watch the entire show, to see when he would be back on. He's fantastic, adorable, abrasive and has the most lovable, snarly look about him and he was wearing a cowboy shirt which really sealed the deal.
He wasn't on the show much, but he was the best part. I have since watched LA Ink to see that face but he really has such a small part. I don't know the tie in, maybe they're friends? 
LA Ink has this girl manager in charge and it just seems all scripted. So dumb, fake scenes, fake fights. I mean, maybe they're not fake (HA!) but these people are the most awkward people, if they're not, in fact, horrible actors.
And what's with Kat's face? She was so pretty before, now she's all pulled tight, botox is not always a girls best friend. She looks plastic and I am not trying to be mean, it's just a drag to see someone cool looking get so... fake.


  1. I don't usually watch it, but one night I did because I noticed Kat had moved form Miami Ink to another show. But I thought the same thing. Guess she got Hollywood-ified. Sucks too. She looks terrible.

  2. I was watching this show fairly regularly, but got tired of the all the drama! After that bubble-headed blonde shop manager left, it does seem far more scripted than it was. It seemed a little TOO scripted even when she was there. The reason that American Electric appears is because the woman who tatoos in that shop (forget her name) worked with Kat and got to know the blonde. They became friends and she is now working at American Electric? The first couple seasons of LA Ink were cool, but after Kim Saigh and Hannah left, it just went downhill IMO.

  3. I got sucked into the fake manager drama too!! It looked like the tattoo manager version of pro wrestling except wrestling is more attractive. That chick was so wrong for the job I could only believe they put her on the show for dramatic/comedic affect (employee of the month?? seriously?)