Friday, March 12, 2010

What's it to you?

I am so sick of hearing people weigh in on breastfeeding.
What's it to anyone? I mean, it's discussed on shows, websites blogs... like this one...
I guess what really pissed me off is that anyone would think to say it's wrong.
And then when there are discussions about people who are doing it, they all talk about hiding in the fucking bathroom! I just read this ridiculously long list of posts on like iVillage  or something and these women are talking about staying indoors because they are breastfeeding and going into their car or worse, a public bathroom! YUCK.
Can you imagine grabbing your lunch and walking into the bathroom to eat? Please.
Sure it's weird because we are so weird about sex and the naked body, etc. Hey, I'm not but society in this country is. But it's food. Period. It's how some, lucky, babies eat.
And I get it, there are some women out there that are too proud, they show the whole damn room their enormous nipples, but don't look. Simple as that. It's not like they are walking around the room feeding their baby.
The problem is there are so many misinformed Mothers out there because of all of this shit talk about breastfeeding. I think it should be your decision, if you don't do it, don't. But if you're going to do it, just go for it. Get on with your life. Bring a blanket, which sometimes works until the baby doesn't like it and they start pulling it off. Wear the right shirt, better yet, do like I do and always wear a tank top underneath. So when you have to lift up your shirt (which you should, your giant jug should always go under, never over the shirt) your not feeling a draft, you will feel better about it, trust me.
So I guess I too am discussing this and that is the very thing that annoys me, but it frustrates me to hear people, men and women talk about how they think it's gross. I think some people are gross, their eating habits, their shoes, their FACES but I'm not going to tell them to stay in the fucking house.
Ugh, it just makes me angry and a little sad to think that someone could have such a negative feeling about a Mother feeding her baby and my feeling is that their Mother's didn't love them enough.


  1. i have actually *never* had a problem with BFing in public here in WA. i think society up here is way more accepting of it with all the new-age hippie earth-loving types.....when i was in SC i had a bank manager come out and offer me one of the offices to BF (i was sitting out in the lobby, nothing exposed mind you) i politely declined, and he insisted i would be more comfortable back there and that he thought i was making other bank customers uncomfortable. i left in tears. *sigh*

  2. It's interesting, and sad, that these discussions are still going on. I remember the same sort of thing 14 (yes, fourteen) years ago when my oldest son was a baby. What really gets people going, though, is if you breastfeed a baby past, say, one year of age.