Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't be that guy.

So Quattro goes to a friends house and comes home loving a song by NOFX (I know, crap). I don't have a problem with him liking shitty music, I knew it was coming. I'm mean so far so good... until this.
Here's the problem. The song is "Gotta Pee" it's ridiculous, harmless but just dumb- so he asks Eddie to put it on his iPOD and I say "you know, you're 9 and I just don't think so". I mean, sure we are rock n' roll people, but first I'm a Mom and I just think it's fine to hear but do I want him having it on his iPOD? Nope, he's a kid, he won't be forever but he is now.
So I think that's the end of it. Eddie was there, he agreed (so I thought) and it was all behind us...
until last night.
Q was singing that song and we just happened to be Skyping with Eddie and I said "so did you ever put that song on your iPOD?". Q is instantly quiet, so I look at Eddie's face on the computer screen and he's... guilty.
I couldn't believe it. They both went behind my back and put the song on there anyway.
It's not so much the song as the keeping it from me, or rather the I said no and they just said screw it. I'm bummed at Q but more so Eddie. I would have rather him taught Q to fight for the song, maybe tell him how to word his case so maybe I will say ok, or whatever. I am a hard-ass. I know this and you know they do but I have a real problem with teaching kids they are able to lie about stuff, to hide stuff- I know they will do it. I understand I will not always have this super honest kid (which he is now, he is brutally honest) but is it too much to ask for just straight up honesty?
I was a super dishonest kid. I don't know why, I do not think you are born that way, I believe it is a learned behavior (in that case, maybe I do know why...) so I guess that is a little glimpse of why I am so adamant about raising my kids with morals, with the sheer knowledge that it is ALWAYS better to tell the truth or at least really show them how important it is for that relationship.
And that brings me to another thing about lying. Is it ever okay? Is the thought "a little lie can't hurt" really true?
Case and point.
Eddie (here we go again) was pulled over for speeding last year and the cop wrote him a ticket and then asked "were you on your cell phone while driving?" and Eddie said "nope".
Q was in the backseat.

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