Friday, March 28, 2014

Parenting 10fuck you.

There's a lot of chatter about parenting advice blogs. About how there are too many, most are fucking stupid and practically all of them are getting paid through ad's to get the idiotic message to you- the consumer of bullshit advice from people that probably don't have kids. Or don't raise them themselves or just suck as humans.

This is not one of them. I just spelled "advice" wrong both times in that last paragraph. If you take anything away from my blog, don't let it be advice of either the spelling, grammar or parenting. This is merely a way for you to waste 5 minutes as you sign into your work computer and pretend to start your day. This is for you, sucka.

Why do people assume they know dick about what you do or what works for your family?
I am always, ALWAYS under the impression that I don't know shit about other peoples lives. That I could not AND would not want to live their life, so the last thing I am going to do is talk shit about the way they are doing it.

Lately it has been coming to my attention that I am being judged. Left and motherfucking right.
Ya, I know, "who cares?" and all of that and for the most part I agree. Who cares?
Well. Me.
Now I care.
Someone told me one time (my therapist) that if something that someone else says bothers you, you are probably feeling guilt about it. That maybe there is a shred of truth in what they are saying.

She was a bitch and I never went back.

I think the human mind can only put up with so much. We are not equipped to hold our tongue forever. It's not natural.

But lets not get off point here.
What I am talking about is that there are people in our lives, all of us, who do not agree with what we are doing in life. They find it their business to speak out to let you know that you are making a mistake, that you are doing it wrong and I just want to stand against that. I want everyone to know that unless you came out of my vagina- you have no say in what I do. None. Nothing. Fuck off.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Last day!

It's in the air in my house. You can practically taste that today is the last day we are without our main man. I am not sure how we do it. All of us. I am not sure how we go so long, keeping our shit together when it feels like it is so close to falling apart sometimes. But what does that really mean? To fall apart?

Eddie will be home in time for dinner tomorrow and I feel I will have a mental collapse. I'm hanging by a thread, I will most likely drink too much tonight.

This morning started out with a giant grease fire, in which caught me completely off guard (cover it people, get a lid and cover it). I knew what to do but I completely forgot for that split second you have, kids were watching, I recovered well. I fucking googled it.

Today we all feel closer than ever. We are making beds and emptying the trash in the basement that we forget about for weeks. We are throwing up our arms, surrendering to the week we will have with him, before he is off again. We brace ourselves for the next 3 months, in which we will see him for no more than 10 days. 10 very good, amazing days.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 13 Vegan

So I started this journey with one goal in mind. To finally lose the weight I have hung onto after having Zeke. I knew I couldn't diet, per say. I would never want to do something drastic to lose weight knowing full well I would gain it all back. An elimination diet is something that has always interested me. I could see where if you take things out, rather than eat something in particular, you could maintain your weight loss by slowly incorporating the food back in. Well, if it was good food.

I personally think that meat and dairy are healthy, I know some people think it isn't-  I am not one of them. I also believe that dairy and meat can be high in fat and calories, so I decided to go vegan. For a week. Now it has been two. Next week, three?

I stopped eating gluten and refined sugar about a month ago. I read somewhere that gluten intolerance manifests itself and causes bloating, weight gain- I am a low carb eater for the most part, never really completely eliminating them because I have three kids. No carbs equals zero energy, so I needed to be smart but if I took out gluten and it helped me feel better, then I am all for it.

Anyway.... I am pretty hardcore. I have to admit, this wouldn't be a good thing for anyone who eats on the fly, who grabs lunch or whatever. I have to think about breakfast before I go to bed (well, not anymore) I need to make sure I don't wake up and get rolling on my day and forget to eat. I'm not just feeding a coupe dogs here, I have to wake up with a baby, a 4 year old and a teenager. Everyone has different needs and up until recently, I guess I wasn't making my needs be important. I knew I wasn't happy with my weight but I'm like everyone else, busy.

I still hate that word.

Now that it has been a couple weeks, I am eating the same few things in the morning and it works for me. Lunch is usually last nights dinner to keep it easy or something simple. I snack on bananas, hummus and anything whole or made by me.

So two weeks in and the 21 day challenge still within my reach, I am feeling pretty proud of myself. It hasn't always been easy but for the most part my desire to complete losing the weight is way more powerful than any deli sandwich (one of the things I miss most). I haven't had a latte in a month but I don't miss that really. I drink green'black tea all day long along with 2 liters of water, which has proved to be a challenge but a good one.

Vegan is a way of eating that doesn't have to be as hard as you think. When I go to the store I just buy fruit, veg and grains. My house is stocked with canned tomatoes and beans, spices and frozen veg. I added rice and rice noodles which are amazing when you are not eating meat, gluten or dairy.
I get a lot of "what are you eating? I could never do that!" and it is basically all real food. I use coconut oil instead of butter, beans and tofu instead of meat. It's been cold so soup has been on the menu a lot. I have started eating farro, even though it is low in gluten, it still contains it. But that stuff is amazing- better than any rice or pasta I've had.

So here's to you and whatever your journey is. Whether it be weight loss or otherwise, I encourage you to knock yourself out.