Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We have officially set sail, or um, taken flight.
As I type I am sitting a mere 34000 miles above the earth, above a massive body of water, which I mustn't think about too much. I mean, if we fell there's nothing down there, just you and me and the deep blue sea. Usually joking makes me feel better but sometimes it's a miss.
I am not a really nervous flier and I might add I wasn't nervous AT ALL until I had kids. Damn kids. I never had a second thought about walking onto a plane before sporting the pregnant belly- since I met Eddie and we bonded over our love of Andy Kaufman, the only thing we had to (and still do) is get on right foot first. Really, we do.
But back to my non fear of flying, I do admit to a more "anxious" reaction to it. I find it hard to relax and hard to stop moving and hard to stop thinking of plummeting... who can ignore this? Not me. So I talked to my doctor last week, when I received my, now yearly, steroid injections and he hooked me up with something that rhymes with "marzipan" can't remember. He said it was mellow and would just make me feel like I'd had a couple beers and I wouldn't be super tired (um, hello! I am traveling with a 10 year old AND a baby- this chick can't be tired, I mean, unless they are). He said taking one would take the edge off but I wouldn't feel unlike myself. As I got on the first leg of the flight I felt fine, I didn't take it, I did have a Bloody Mary instead (Willie would be proud!). Then we changed planes in Minneapolis and as I boarded a much larger, much longer flight, I decided to take two AND have a beer. "Doctors orders"... well not really, but come on Doc, you know who you are dealing with.
Anyway, now I am feeling pretty awesome and not at all tired. Maybe I should have skipped the beer but whatever. Eddie keeps telling me to "get some sleep" but I just can't, I'm too silly. If I was home I would not be sleeping and sure we are going to land in London and it will be 12 p.m. and I will have a whole day to muscle through but I am my funniest on no sleep. Really. Watch me.

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