Thursday, September 20, 2012

IG killed FB

and that is fine by me.
There are few gadgetry things that I get hooked on.
I don't know where my ipod is but I do know it is the first generation mini. It's real old and it was loaded by my husband before he gave it to me as a gift (back when he got me gifts, ahem)
I am pretty big on FB but over the last 6 months I am less and less about chatting and just about posting pictures taken from my IG account. To those who don't use IG, you will not understand, to those that do- will.
I can't get enough.
At first I didn't really get it but it gave me a way to manipulate my pics of my kids, so I was into it.
Then I started to get followers. Then I started to follow. Then came the comments.
Something about someone telling you they hope your child feels better, when you've posted a pic of a sick babe, I don't know, it just feels like I am connected to the world. And the best part- not the whole world, just those who are genuinely interested in my world and more often than not, mine theirs.
It's cool to be a fly on the wall in their world. Looking through feeds of homeschoolers and their kids. Watching babies grow up. It's personal and yet narcissistic in the most perfect way. I blog so I know I like to hear myself "talk" but pictures... it's different. Sometimes it is hard to find the words, that is why so many blogs go unwatched. Actually that is why so many people don't have blogs, aren't writers and don't rely on post-its to guide them through their days. At times I'll get a quiet moment and come to the computer with a cup of tea and I just don't have it in me. It's either tough to put into words or there are so many words, my hands can't keep up, so I leave, curl up in my bed and take a nap.
Which to be honest, every time I am on the computer and the babies are sleeping, I think "you should go to sleep". I should and I will try but really I will just lay in bed, quietly and flip through IG.


  1. agreed... instagram rules, haha... it's refreshing in a way, to have a way to creatively express youself without words... don't get me wrong, I am all FOR words (i hesitate to call myself a writer at this time, since I havent actually written anything in quite awhile, but..i digress..) that being said, not only can you express yourself without words, but you also get yer own personalized running photo album... not personal in the way that every photo album is "personal" because, duh, it contains yer own photographs... but personal in the way that it offers people a glimpse into your life.. your perspective... what makes you tick... all from a "silly" cell phone app... many of my own beloved photos from growing up, traveling europe, pics from in the hospital after my son was born were all lost in a fire...poof, gone... i guess thats one more added benefit of cyber-space... that shite can't disappear in a hearbeat, and that is pretty cool..
    and as you pointed out, being a "fly" on someones wall, peeking into their lives is fun... an escape in a way as well.. like a little portal you can sneak away to, when perhaps you need a moment to step away from your own bubble of reality... i'm rambling now i think, so apologies for that... regarding the last line in your post... this is what i do on those nights i wake up at 3am and just can't sleep... thank gawd for IG.

  2. I just agree so much!!!! Couldn't have put it better, usually I'm not too bad with words, but English isn't my mother tongue, so I can just say: Both of you described it so well, exactly that's the way it feels. Jessika, thanks for sharing it!!

    I'm hardly on twitter, almost never actually, facebook I'm just checkin' once shortly. See you on IG ;)