Friday, August 27, 2010


We left Anaheim today for Long Beach. We are going to spend the next two days here then Eddie will fly to Durango, CO and I will go visit friends and family in San Diego.
We had so much fun in the pool yesterday, we did nothing else... well except drive all over looking for a baby floaty thing. I have one at home, bought one and left it in Mexico and I didn't think it would be so hard but since the retail people are insisting we ALL forget about summer and go back to school, it was a challenge to say the least.
Someone at Target suggested we go to Walmart but I suggested she be crazy. We instead went to Walgreens and found this super awesome one for only $10 and it has a little seat and everything. Elvis gets all excited when we blow up the floaty thing, she remembers Mexico I think. We all got in and it was so nice because it was HOT yesterday and today too. There's some kinda heat wave going around these parts but I welcomed it, all my friends in Cali said it has been a real cool summer and that was not what we were looking for this week.
We met up with our friends Dawn and Ruby and it was so good to see them. They moved out here in April and that is just too long to go without seeing such amazing people. Our kids have grown up together and it is sad that they will not be as close as they were but still seeing them together today you'd never know a day had passed, that is the thing about really great friends.
Tomorrow we will do a little of the same. Hang out by the pool and take walks, this time on the beach. We walked on the boardwalk today and it was a little touristy, I think we are going to go farther down tomorrow, we are right across from the Queen Mary, we can see it from the roof, which is where the pool is.
Speaking of pool, we were up there this evening and there were a group of people for happy hour or something and I saw one of the doctors from "Dr. 90210". He is that cute Asian guy that wears glasses, anyway- that's not important but it was something.
Elvis was thinking she could swing. Crawling along the top step she would splash down on her belly and smile real big. This older man walked over to her and started telling Eddie how cute she was and then she slipped and smacked her mouth on the side of the pool... the guy felt bad but not as bad as Eddie would was watching her. Her tongue was bleeding a little and she was all done with the pool. Poor thing. It is always so hard to see your baby get hurt, always. Q crashed a few weeks ago on his scooter and it was the worst fall for him since he was about 3, when he fell off the escalator in NYC. Ugh geez, that was one bloody mess, I still think about it every time I step onto an escalator, I will never forget that.
On a lighter note, I had a twinkie last night. I haven't had one in I don't know how long and it was pretty stale. I was thinking of how much better that could have been and so now I want a twinkie pan for Xmas. Oh yeah, they have them and I will too.
Anyway, I had the twinkie because I asked Eddie to pick me up a snack on his way back to the hotel. I had taken a painkiller because my foot was bothering me and it made me feel so sick, I was about to barf, it was awful and we had next to nothing in the room and of course there was no room service since it was 2 a.m. and we aren't in Vegas. The twinkie may have been stale but it did the trick.

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