Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pearl Jam money.

Money can't buy you... stop me if you have heard this one.

But what if you are happy?
You have all heard the saying, "money can't buy you happiness" but I am wondering, what about if you are already happy? What could it afford you to have?
If it's not happiness you are after, say because you are already quite happy, what can't money buy you?
I always find myself reading about this ridiculous quote from rich people. It drives me crazy.
If you are rich you shouldn't tell me what money can't buy.
I guess if I had to trade my happiness for money, I would not. I mean, of course I wouldn't but why can't I have both? I deserve it, god damn it.
I am good citizen. I pay taxes. I fork over money for charities and I am doing the whole world a favor by raising really great kids. I am raising kids to help the world, I am not raising them to fill up the world.
I am unhappy tonight because if I had Pearl Jam money, I would be loading my kids on a plane in a week so we could spend the summer with their Dad.
But I am not.
I don't have Pearl Jam money.
The system failed us. And by system I mean the fucking booking agent.
I am going to run his name into the ground after this tour is over.
I am mad because he failed to do his job, which means he doesn't get paid. WAIT. No, that is NOT IT. WE. WE are the ones that are getting screwed. He still gets paid and we are out a trip we have planned since last October. A trip we have taken many times before. A trip he botched and didn't care to even recognize or reply to. A trip my 3 year old is sad about not going on. She will spend another 6 weeks asking "will Daddy come home after my dark nap?". Because of this assclown I have to choose between a summer in Europe and paying my bills.
If I had PJ money, I would do both.
But I am grateful to be happy and healthy and have a really great family.
We had a very good day with the man of the house back. He smells good. He looks better and it's all good.

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