Thursday, August 8, 2013

Solvang? Don't mind if I do.

When I was planning for my summer trip, I imagined I would find all kinds of time to blog. To write. To do anything "vacationy" but I didn't and so here I am, week 4.5 into my 5 week summer trip and I am just getting started.
We left San Diego this afternoon. Loaded up everything, stopped for some delcious Hodad's burgers and then we were off. To where? We didn't quite know for sure. Our goal was San Luis Obispo but the beauty of this part of the trip is that it doesn't matter where we end up at night. It doesn't matter how we spend the days. Long, with lots of stops. Or fast and to the point.
We stopped in San Onofre and I thought we would get to surf but there weren't any waves. It was nice to stop there though. I have long since wanted to make a trip of it, a fellow blogger, IG Momma has the most beautiful pictures from that beach. So to go there was pretty special.
After that we didn't stop until Ventura. We got some snacks and some other crap at Target and then got back on the 101. We called a hotel in San Luis Obispo and booked a room. Had about 2.5 hours to go, figured it would be perfect timing.
Hey! We are taking the 101! THAT is what this trip is about.
Today I was showing Quattro the majesty that is Highway 101 (after taking the 5 up to LA) and really it all hits at about Malibu. That is where he got it.
So we were driving and everything was amazing. Kids were great, no one was screaming... it was pretty cool.
Around 5:30-6 we slowed down to go through this town and we were blown away by how cute it was. It was very European, cute shoppes and cafes... I pulled off the little street and called the hotel and asked to cancel. After her gave me the "next time we can't do this..." I called the cute little hotel that was next to the spot I was in and it had a room and a pool and BOOM! We were "home" as Elvis calls it when we stay at a hotel.
We unloaded and went walking immediately. Something about pulling into town that makes everyone (including me) go "I'm hungry!".
We spotted a cool bakery and decided to go in and grab something for dessert. We were pointed in the direction of a Chinese place and an Italian place... but it just seemed wrong. So walking around we saw this cute German cafe called Heidelberg something or other and decided we would eat there.
One of our favorite places in Europe is Heidelberg, so it seemed like a sign.
Man, I miss my husband.
The food was okay but the server was amazing. He was super cute and really nice. Elvis played air keyboard for most of the meal and Zeke ate his weight in wanna-be German food.
After dinner we heard all of this noise, like an audience or a show or something so we went to check it out. Turns out it was an outdoor theater that just started Spamalot! Of course it isn't a show for babies but I asked Quattro if he wanted to go and he said yes!
He grabbed his waffle, frosting thing and he was off!
Kids and I went back to the hotel and went swimming, took showers and went back to get Quattro.
He had a great time and immediately said "it makes me want to roam around places by myself more!!" and I'm like "I am the one who found the place!" and he was like "oh ya..."
Calm down kid. You are 12.

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