Saturday, September 7, 2013


Last night I had a dream but unlike most mornings, today I remembered it.

I was backstage somewhere, it was confusing (and I will not bore you with the details of a dream)
and then I walked out onto this runway.
I was with Quattro, Elvis and Zeke and I was holding a baby (this is not the crazy part but I will come back to it).
I was at my fashion show, at Bryant Park.

There's something about the dreams that I remember.
When I was newly pregnant the second time, I dreamed she was a girl.
We were walking, holding hands with Quattro and she had long, crazy blonde hair.
I dreamed that. And it happened.

So this is me telling me that I may be headed in the direction of something amazing.

Oh, and the baby thing. That is weird and very cool at the same time.

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