Tuesday, September 3, 2013

12 things about myself

I'll play along.

1. It is really hard to talk about myself. My real self. The one that I apparently only let some people know. I'm friendly but complex. My life doesn't always make sense to the average bear.

2. I can't stand when people talk about themselves all of the time. If we leave the restaurant or hang up the phone and you didn't ask about me, my family or my life- you are out of the deal. See above.

3. I am a really, really good Mother. I believe that to my core. I have never felt so natural in all my life, in 37 years of living in this world, doing anything but this. I was meant to do this.

4. I feel like I gave up a big part of who I might have been, to have a child. I had hopes and dreams that had nothing to do with a baby. I am so glad I did this.

5. I now have a fear of water. Even seeing pictures of people swimming, or swimming on TV. It didn't happen right away, a couple weeks after the accident. It's palpable. I hate it and have to see someone about it.

6. A few years ago I was desperate for a real friend. Someone that I could count on and be there for. Someone like I never had, well since having kids. I wrote about it. I put it out in the universe and I got her.

7. At 7 years of being married, we almost got divorced. Like, really really. Best thing I never did.

8. When I married my husband, I thought it wouldn't last. I believed everyone who told us we were crazy, I was completely content with crazy and thought it sounded fun.

9. I'm 99% sure I am done having babies.

10. I went to rehab when I was 16.

11. I had "Daddy issues" when I was growing up. It wasn't until my husband showed me what a Dad really was, that I realized he was the only Dad I needed in my life. The kind of Father he is to our kids is beyond what anyone could have been for me (if they had ever actually tried).

12. Next year we are going to do something completely crazy, life changing and toe curling-ly fun. And all I can think is that I hope it doesn't mean I will die at age 76. #midlifecrisis


  1. Yes, yes, and yes. A lot of things crossing my mind reading this. I don't even know where to start. Have to collect myself a bit. I love the way you are doing things. I really love the way you are handling everything that comes your way, good or bad. With a lot of things I recognise myself, with others I feel encouraged, always feelin' with you either way. Thanks for sharing.
    One day we will have a beer or two together sitting in front of your RV and talk about the world we live in and life in general ;) :) Can't wait!
    Hugs from Berlin,
    Kelly xx

  2. :) It's hard to comment without sounding like a totally creepy person who is creepin' on your blog. I've found we're the same age, with kid(s), and feel lots of the same stuff.

    Good luck on your rv adventures and home schooling. Lots of hard work, but fun times ahead!

  3. Strider Mom, I totally understand. I find myself second guessing my comments to others but I say just go w/ it.