Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good friends and amends

all in a days work.
Today was a big day for a couple reasons. I woke up early and it's a SUNDAY!! shocker. I'm such a lazy slack ass usually but I do feel like I have less time for that, which is good. Who has time to waste?
Pancake was the last one up, "Chu-chie" "Chu-cho", Quattro and now "Taco/Tonto", he slept in and came out all sleepy eyed and snuggly, I love that.
We walked down into Ballard and had brunch at Hattie's Hat. The scene of Eddie's upcoming photo shoot, directed by Moi! I'm stoked, it's going to be so much fun, I love to boss him around and I just like seeing pictures of him be made, he is very much a cartoon character.
Elvis charmed even the most hungover crowd today at breakfast, these three good looking guys were sitting in the booth behind us and just loved her. It's not the first time but I definitely looked at her and was like "Wow" that baby is beautiful! She has the most fantastic face, with great expression, she looks just like Gloria, she's lucky because my grandmother is gorgeous. She is a total knock out.
After we left (pulling Elvis away from her fans) we walked around, bought some beets, Quattro's favorite, and leeks, my fav, we ended up at this new kitchen store right on Ballard Ave. It was pretty cool at first, I guess they have classes or something, but tons of kitchen supply too. I threw out my metal sieve last week so I was thinking, perfect! I'll get a new one BEFORE I need it, then I looked at the price, it was like $30! So I started to look around at the price of everything, and this is the same stuff you can get elsewhere, ie the kitchen store down the street that's been there for years... but for half the price. I was feeling that weight that feeling when you know your neighborhood has gone "there", but it's fine, I went "there" once too, I came back though.
I spent the evening making a delicious meal and texting with my BFF and my cousin who just had surgery on his foot. It was nice to get connected with both of them. It's hard to stay connected these days, we are so busy and by "we" I mean everyone! I am usually the one that tries not to be busy, I try to just keep things real laid back but with the start of business, art work, things with the record, there are a lot of things going on and that doesn't include the "me" things, things that go on with me no matter what is happening in business. I'm enjoying it though. On top of it all we are redoing  a few rooms in the house, I want them done before Eddie leaves for 7 weeks in January.... wishful thinking maybe but I might as well give it a shot.


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