Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's cold outside

and I am definitely okay with that.
Growing up in AZ I was sort of programmed to hate the cold. Everything was "oh, that's too cold, ick" and the thing is/was, I hated the heat. Always have. The sunburns, the hot concrete (I was forever shoeless) hot cars, hot bedrooms... the list goes on. So when the seasons change here and the warm summer goes away and the fall crisp air blows in, I can appreciate the cold-  I love summer (here) and I know it will always come back.
It's late here too and I am not tired. I took a half of Ambien and I'm waiting for it to kick in and also for Eddie. He flew home last night from the midwest and now he is in Tacoma for a show, I am sure he is still playing... ugh.
Tonight when Quattro and I got back from the movies we all went out for a walk in Ballard. It was cold and a little rainy but it was the best time. With Eddie gone a lot and it's about to be a lot more, it was nice to scrap any evening plans we had and just go for a stroll. We ended up at the market and the fabric store- I just LOVE being in a neighborhood where I can walk to nearly anything. We can eat, have coffee, shop, library, book stores, cupcakes, parks, movies... pretty much anything- we even walked by a couple new places. I saw a wine bar that I had never seen, although I would rather have wine at home. 
I had planned to put both kids to bed early (we were all up really late last night getting Eddie from the airport) but Q and I stayed up and made a stuffed friend. He called him "Ricky Ragdoll" and he is quite cute. He and a friend drew what they wanted their stuffies to look like and they have been hanging on the bulletin board for a couple weeks now. I have so may projects going on, I just never had time and tonight I let him stay up and up he did stay, it was 12:10 when he went to bed! It was worth it though. He learned how to pin and cut. He even sewed a button (for an eye) and learned to use the sewing machine. I love that he is such a creative crafter... but tomorrow, I will be cleaning this office up because we sure did trash it. Just from sitting here I can see about 12 different kinds of fabric he looked at when choosing his. 
So good night people.

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