Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 2.

Day 1 was such a blur. I started to write about it last night and somehow just fell asleep. Laptop still on my bed in the morning.
We left for our 4 state road trip at about 3 p.m. The morning and then afternoon was chalk full of last minute details, total fuck ups and lots of running around. It was exhausting. I'm still exhausted and we are merely half way there.
Todays drive was better in some ways and totally worse in others. For one the weather didn't suck like it did on Wednesday. When we left, we left soaking wet. As in there were sheets of sideways rain while we packed up the car and repacked. It's a van, I am not use to all the space, so once we all got in, we then figured out how to make it all work.
But today I was driving and the car ahead of me took a hard left at about 75 mph and flew over the median, across oncoming traffic (I5 N) up a hill and then... off a cliff. I don't think it was a huge cliff but I'm almost certain I saw someone die. I still feel sick. I feel lucky and extra protective and so today I drove slow and thought about how quick shit happens. 
I pulled over and called 911. I gave them the mile marker and told them I couldn't stay. There was a man in a car behind me that stopped as well. He ran across 4 lanes of traffic to go help. I was glad he was there because if he wasn't, I probably would've done that, it's just a part of me to help, sometimes I wish it wasn't. But instead I got to drive away with my life still in tact and my mind not completely blown. I hope everyone was okay in that car. 
I've got to go to bed. That was hours ago and it is still weighing on me and I need to shake it before I fall asleep. 

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