Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday movies

This is a big thing in my house. Probably yours too, although I do know that some people are not holiday people... which I find sad really, but anyway. 
We are big holiday movie, holiday traditions in general are huge over here. It's hard not to get into the spirit when you have kids but we started before we had them.
I remember my first Thanksgiving with Eddie. We were living at Middlefingerton, with Marky from Zeke, our great friends Peter and Dan Thunder Bolton. What a crew, huh?
We had the house to ourselves. I made a somewhat crappy dinner and we sat at the coffee table and watched "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". I will have you know, we watch this every year, it was our first tradition. 
Our Christmas is pretty low key. We don't invite anyone over, we don't have a big party or have dinner with extended family, Christmas is when we huddle. We turn off the phones and just enjoy being together. Christmas is my favorite day of the year. Not my favorite holiday but it is the only day we are completely together, thankful and... together.
Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, I mean, after Halloween. Thanksgiving lets me be completely in my element and that is the kitchen. I am a cook. I am a kick ass cook and Tday, I take very seriously.
When we have stayed home, in the past, we invite people over on some years and some years it is just us. A few it was just Q and I and that will never happen again. It's in the "contract", the one husband and wife have, not the paper kind that you sign when you are married, the "contract" is the list of things you accumulate over the years. The "no-no's" the "must have's" and the "have nots". It is a "no-no" for him to miss Tday. Simple. It will never happen (again).
I'm a counting the days before I get to see him, more so than usual. I guess because it is holiday time and I am missing him like crazy and also, I really want to see him with the kids. 7 weeks when you are 2 is like a lifetime. She is so different. Quattro is 10 and he seems different too. Kids grow fast... that is something people tell you before you have them and you just don't really get it. Until, you get it.
It's so damn true.

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  1. It bugged me so much when my oldest was a baby, "they grow so fast, enjoy it..." Now I bite my tongue so I don't say that to new moms. You're lucky to have children far enough apart in age that you have the experience to really savor your baby (and the next one too!).