Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She didn't call.

Or email, or whatever.
So here's to not caring that I probably seemed really weird and a little desperate, giving a stranger with a baby my information.
There has GOT to be a better way. I guess it is a little like dating, I just have to keep going to the "bar" or the produce section of the market... whatever the equivalent is... parks, or (gasp!) Gymboree??! Never. I may look desperate but I am not.
You would think by now with having 3 kids, it wouldn't be so hard to meet parents on the same page. I do have friends and some really great ones, but I still pine away at that friendship a lot of my friends have with their best friend, which is something I may have never truly had. The one that will come over when you are sick and call you for lunch when they are in the neighborhood.
When I was a kid we moved around a lot. Then when we settled down in AZ, we lived out in the country, pretending to be hillbillies I guess. So growing up it wasn't hard to make friends, it was hard to keep them.
As a teenager I was in so much trouble I had too many friends, all but a few, really bad news.
Then I moved around some more, becoming an adult and when I found myself smitten with my now husband of nearly 13 years, I traveled non-stop for the better part of 8 years. So really I didn't settle down but 4 years ago.... I guess that is why I missed out on my bf- they are all taken! Ha. I am not as sad as I sound, it is just nice to put it all together like that. I'm a nomad. WTF?

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  1. Aw, I understand, completely. I would love to have mom dates/ play dates with my 3 y.o. My girlfriends with kids are in other cities and I haven't connected with moms here.

    How are you feeling these days? Did you get some PPD relief, &/ or has it gone away?