Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New normal.

I think I am finding my new normal. The groove. I'm finding my balance.
We forget what a huge process it is to have a baby, then to recover and manage to hold onto some grace,  which isn't always easy to come by.
I am really hard on myself sometimes. I want to be "back" I want things to work and I have learned, yet again, that sometimes time is in charge.
So I get it and I am cool with it and I am trying to be easier on myself. There's only one me and when my husband is on tour (if you haven't guessed by now, that is always) there is only one parent, so today I am going to try and remember that.

I just realized that there are 4 weeks left of summer vacation. 4 weeks before the backpack will be in the middle of the living room floor or sprawled on the kitchen table. 4 weeks before the flip flops will be put away and we will all have to find "real shoes" and lunches will need to be made the night before.
I guess a little part of me is excited. Elvis will have a birthday party to celebrate the lightening speed of the last three years.
Quattro is going into 6th grade, switching schools and walking there- so this is a big year for him.
My daughter will be 3, so she can officially take ballet lessons, even though I prefer her performances in the living room, she is ready for an organized class.
And then there's Zeke. He will be officially 2 months on Sunday. Which is hard to believe, but in a way you might not have guessed, I feel like I have known the kid forever.

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