Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh yeah, it was my birthday.

Yesterday was 36 years since I was born.
I always thought that the Mom would find more to celebrate in ones birthday than the actual person who is having the birthday. When my kids have a birthday, in the back of my head, I expect a gift.


  1. Hey :)
    I sent you birthday wishes via twitter on your birthday, but again (can't harm):
    Happy (belated) Birthday to you!!!

    About your post: The mothers kind of getting forgotten, don't know why that is. So actually it was a nice experience when we had a little celebration for my daughter who just graduated the other day (she already graduated middle of June, but it's always difficult to find a date where everybody in the family has time. We are not that many, my 2 aunts, 2 uncles, my mum, 4 cousins. That's it. From my mother's side. The father's side is a different story).
    So we met and of course lots of congrats for my daughter, sure thing, but nicely my aunts and uncles congratulated me, too for raising my child in such a good way. And I even got gifts. Wow! Quite a breakthrough ;)

  2. You know Jessika, I always feel that way on my birthday. I'll be 36 in November and I always think that it's my mum that should be celebrated.
    I mean, what did I do on Nov 16th 1976?
    Nothing. Just turned up.
    She struggled through the UK 'summer of 1976' that I hear so much about, she gave birth to me, loved me and cared for me.

    Why the hell should I get a present and not her??