Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boobs vs. the floss

I took the kids to lunch in our old stomping grounds (West Seattle) the other day.
I've noticed we have become somewhat of a spectacle since the arrival of Zeke. Three kids, somehow, draws a lot of attention. 
Anyway, as we sat there eating lunch the baby, like clockwork, wanted to eat too.
I am a breastfeeding Mom- hardcore, 100%. Straight up boobies for my chickens.
A lady sitting across from us with her Grandson, who looked to be my age, leaned over to him and said "that's disgusting". I heard her because I have super powers, as in, I can hear everything.
I watched him as he turned around and looked at my table, on the sly (not at all sly and lets face it, it never is), he didn't seem to care.
I am just sharing this little piece, not because it upset me, if you have been reading at all lately, you know I have bigger fish to fry. 
I've BF two kids so far and I have heard it all. Even from people I know.
I have been told "put that away"- literally. Someone said that to me. 
But I see it like this-
as a mother it is my job to do the best I can do no matter what. 
If I had to break the law for my kids, for their greater good- I would. Absofuckinlutely.
So I am sharing this because maybe someone is reading and they are getting a bunch of shit for their choice to BF, if you are, stick with it. This old lady and anyone else who has a problem with it, is just not worth the sweat of going over and sticking up for myself.
Maybe some people do find it disgusting and maybe to them it is not right, but to me it is and that is all I really care about. It's a choice and not an easy one. Sometimes I wish I was handing my baby off with a bottle to someone else, boobs still covered but I'm not and I don't foresee that happening (not that there's anything wrong with that) because it is my hope to give them the best I can, while I can and send them on their way (eventually).
As I was leaving the restaurant, the lady's grandson was outside smoking and she was at the table flossing her teeth. Yep, you heard me- Grandma was flossing her teeth, at the table, in a restaurant.
As the kids and I passed her table I looked at her and smiled and said 
"that's disgusting".


  1. Right on, you are an awesome mom!

    1. Thank you. It's a real pisser that people are so ignorant.

  2. My girl was a booby baby for two years. This is one of my pet issues. So proud of you for rocking this!

    1. Good for you! 2yrs is amazing.
      And I am going to reply to you, loved reading your thoughts on me, it's like a psych experiment.

  3. kudos to you for breastfeeding your kids! it's such a tough thing to do, but it's really the best thing you can do for them! I breastfed my son for 13 months and I'm proud of it, it was fucking hard! but my son so strong and healthy now, and I truly think the boobie-milk had a hand in that.
    glad you called out the flossing-grandma... talk about disgusting! the irony... :p

    (btw, i'm fairly new to "blogging" and i'm not sure exactly what the "appropriate" etiquette is here, but since i am a stranger commenting at you all of a sudden, let me take this moment to say: hello, my name's yoli.. i follow you (and your husband's) pics on instagram, which is how I found your blog... and yes, i'm a supersuckers fan... :)