Friday, October 4, 2013

Dancin' with Miley

It seems like when everyone is talking about you, it is always a good thing.
They say that all press is good press and I used to think that sounded about right.

Lately everyone has something to say about Miley. You know the one. She is not unlike Madonna or Cher- she is a one name gal. Call it what you will, she is as famous as famous gets and if you do or don't think she deserves it, I could not possibly care any less.

I know she cares though.

I have no idea how old she is. She could be 14 or 27, although I don't think she is of drinking age because I read a piece about her and her friends in the club drinking all night. They wrote it in a taboo way, she wasn't supposed to be there. She probably shouldn't be there. I shouldn't have been there.

Miley and I are very similar. We tread a lot of the same path, her and I. You might not think so, but it is true.

See all you have to do is take away the money, the press, the celebrity Dad, the fame... the talent and well, we are the same person. We are females, growing up in this world that wants nothing good for other females.

We both walk the streets alone or with our friends. Making good and bad and insanely age appropriate and some not so age appropriate mistakes.

We both fear failure.

We both wanted nothing more than to shed our baby girl "image" and just be WHO we were supposed to be. To be an adult. We just wanted to be us.

But along the way people started telling us what we were doing wrong. They pointed out that we were failing or succeeding too much. Too little? We were labeled. Slut. Bitch. Crazy. Drug addict. Liar.

I didn't have to read about it in the paper. Thank fucking god.
But I had to read it on everyone's face.

Fast forward 100 years and you will see I found my way.
You will see that every bump and bruise I got, that was under any kind of microscope (that of a small town for me, big wide world for her), has faded into a part of who I was meant to be.
Every scar I have on the inside of my once traumatized heart or that left by my faded self loathing razor blade fight... I made it.

I'm here now because I fought to get here. I am here because I am supposed to be and no matter if you think your little girl shouldn't be watching the once (read that? "Once") Disney princess... was it on Disney? Anyway, if you don't want your little girl to watch. Turn it off.
If you don't want your daughter dressing like "that". Stop buying that shit.
If you want your kids to see an artist that is doing what she wants and making a (new) name for herself.
Turn it on.

If you want your kids to see a one time young actor morph into the next phase of her life (not unlike they will do when they hit the next phase). Turn it on.

I said it before. It is not new. She is doing things different for herself, but we all saw Britney kiss Madonna. We saw Madonna hump that bed. That was great, wasn't it? But that too saw such harsh critisism. It was met with all the fuddy-duddy bullshit that this is being met with. Cher said that she has seen more girls do it better... come on Cher! I fucking LOVE you, but why? I guess it could have been taken out of context, so I will NOT bag on Cher but I like to hope that there can be older artists out there cheering her on. Hoping for the best and maybe even helping her along the way... she's got her Mama though, so I am thinking that is all she needs.

Stop hating girls for being sexy. Let them be. If you don't want to wear a teddy bear onesie, don't. I won't be wearing one. But I would fly naked on a wrecking ball any day.

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