Friday, October 18, 2013


I have a new adventure coming my way.
Just as I am beginning to think I would never find my niche, I did.

I have been presented with making clothing for a lovely little girl that suffers from SPD. "Sensory Processing Disorder" (to learn more click here). If you have never heard about it, skip to the next paragraph. If you have. WOW.

I will be making clothing that will not only look amazing and fit this girl perfectly (tiny couture?) but they will aid in her desire to feel good. That changes the game for me.

I am really excited to take this on and I am also really curious about where this may lead. Maybe it is a niche that found me and will forever change the direction of my career. Who knows. But today I am feeling good. I am feeling needed and like I am finally putting my talents to good use.

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