Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boo, hiss.

Lately I have felt the weight of my life. 
The mostly single mom stuff. The fact that my husband is really far away stuff.
This is all very much at the surface because over the last 8 days, I got worked. On top of being deathly ill myself, my two kids have been as well.. but not at the same time, oh no- that might have been too easy. I have changed 3 beds approximately 5000 times. Approximately, I was too sick to keep count. Climbing into a loft bed to change the heavily barfed sheets of a 10 year olds bed is... well, let's just say my daughter will not be getting a loft bed. You live. You learn.
My little house got hit with what can only be remembered as the virus from hell. 
Enough about that. I'm still weak. I've consumed about 600 calories in 4 days, I can't bare to talk about it anymore. 


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  1. hahaha.....i can sooo relate. to the (mostly) single mom part (nathan leaves in a couple weeks for another month) AND to the loft bed part. austin had a loft bed for years and though he THANKFULLY never barfed in it, i HATED having to climb up and change the sheets on that mofo. hope the rest of your single mom days pass quickly!!