Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michael Lewis

Do you ever read a book and kind of get a crush on the writer?
I do. Well I did.
About a year ago, maybe more, Eddie got this book, man I can't even remember the name but it is by Michael Lewis, you know- "Moneyball" and "Blind Side" he's amazing. He is very smart.
Anyway, I have found myself thinking about him. The things he writes about, the book that my husband had, it is about him with his family, he has three kids, it's just the life of a father. But the way he writes, he is so honest, it is almost to a fault but it's not. He is fantastic. 
He is married to Tabitha "MTV" Sorren, I love that part too. 
I just thought I would start up this super stale blog by giving you something to go out and look for. Now what is the name of that book? Ahh, "Home Game" go get it.

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