Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My husband is in Paris today, meanwhile I was woken up by a very cute and very sad baby twice last night. I was definitely not in Paris.
It is hard not be jealous and envious and all of the other sins I try to leave behind. I want to just get on a plane and be over there but it's not to be. 
It's the little things over here that he does, that make things smooth, that I miss the most. Well I miss his presence in the bed but I don't miss sharing it. Funny how when you have very little sleep to begin with, getting into bed at night and having the whole thing to myself, is not that hardest part of him being away but waking up to one of my either way too strong or way too weak cups of coffee... that is the kicker. That is when it really hurts. 
I miss you Eddie. 28 days left.

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