Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have you been here before?

As I walked through the market tonight, quick run before the snow hit. My son wanted hot chocolate fixin's and I wanted some wine...
anyway, we were walking down the isle and there was a guy stocking the shelves, he had a box of coffee and other stuff. My son and I are walking and turning around waiting for the little girl, 16 months, as she casually walks behind us. She is watching every move everyone makes, it's weird. 
So she stops midway through her slow trek to the end of the isle where we are patiently waiting and she sees a bag, a coffee bag that you would use to purchase bulk beans and she picks it up and walks it back to the box and puts it in. I have no idea what is in the box. So she starts up again, walking toward us and there's another bag. She picks it up and walks it back to the box and this time I walked down to see what she was doing, it was so random (at first). The box was full of these coffee bags.
How weird is that? We thought it was odd. A lot of things she'll do will really trip us out. I asked her to get me a Q tip and she came back with one. It was weird, a fluke maybe but something tells me she has been here before. And she doesn't speak, it's like she doesn't have to.

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