Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They call this literature?

I'm so uninspired when I ask those in the know about children's books. 
My son is 10, he can read better than I can. No really, he corrects my spelling (whatever, not my thing) and so it goes I walk into random book stores and libraries and ask "those people" about interesting children's books, but I tell them not for his grade, maybe one or two up (we could probably go up to 12th grade but I don't want to seem stuck up) and every time they walk me to the mystical dragon, warrior, vampire, ageless bat boy section. I'm pretty sure that's a section, it must be, THEY ALL HAVE IT.
Anyway, so I'm asking you, the people I am pretending to be friends with and probably would be if I had the time or energy for friends (kidding, I love my friends), what does one smart child read when he does not fancy the fantasy?


  1. Genre at this age can be so hard. It's like everyone thought girls want to read about fairies. Blah! A few years ago to breakout I started a kids bookclub with a few friends. Kept it co-ed for variety and now the younger siblings have their group. We have not loved every book, but it has lead us to some good stuff. You should join us!!!! Like most bookclubs, we try to meet once a month and the person who picks the book hosts. We try to cook some food that matches the book and it has really been fun. Personally bookclubs for me piss me off, because I don't have enough time to read crappy books, but for kids, it can open them up to something they might no have tried!