Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm still not sure if I'm cut out for an online shop. I am my own worst enemy, perhaps I feel the need to keep my stuff on the DL (meaning give it away) so I don't explode into this huge business and have no time to raise kids, get all caught up, start taking drugs to stay awake to fill all the orders... I'm kidding! I've been watching way too much Breaking Bad. Again! I'm re-watchingthe entire thing so I will be ready when the new season comes out.
Anyway, so I've opened shop. I'm selling some stuff and we will see how it goes.
If you are reading this please feel free to share my link
If you have a store and would like to inquire about ordering some of my stock message me here and I will send you my email. Truth be told, that is my goal. To have my stuff in a store, eventually, maybe one day that store will be my very own.
Come check me out. Post my link, spread it around like a bad case of HPV. That is so gross... Time for bed.

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