Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catchin' up.

So I was talking to friend of mine today. We haven't talked in many years, like 6 or 7.
Anyway the whole conversation revolved around them, what they have been doing, what's going on in their world, etc. I asked questions about spouses, old friends... things like that. 
We are about to part our ways and they say "It was nice catching up with you"...
I'm pretty sure not one piece of that conversation was about me and I don't get it. They should have said "thanks for listening to me blab about myself".


  1. i had a 'friend' from college who moved out here and he is so bad with that sort of thing that i actually went out with the intention of not offering anything unless he asked. in a two hour conversation, i literally said absolutely nothing about myself. that was about eight years ago and i haven't spoken to him since. at least he paid for dinner so i did get something out of it! so, how are you?

  2. That is so crazy... I don't get it I guess, people are fucking weird!
    I'm good, lingering illness but happy. Come over for coffee or tea soon.Q would love to see you too.