Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oil pulling?

Ever heard of it?
Well I am desperate for a cure for what ails me and I, of course, can't get into see the doctor until Thursday. Which by that time I will not be in the same excruciating pain I am in now (oh please say it isn't so), so I am left to my own devices... or rather my device. Google. 
Aka "my best friend".
I am no hippie but I come from a long line of them. I'll admit, I do have hippie in my blood- ok, so I'm part hippie. The part that likes the earth and all of it's glory, except most of the people and I shower... well I used to. I try to. Let's say that.
So back to me. Um, the sick me.
There were a lot of things you could mix together and blast up your nose. Vinegar and salt water, rosemary oil, etc. The nose tea pot thingy, I've seen that but I was trying not to have to leave the house. Today was rainy and I am feeling like a giant piece of ass-pie.
I'm reading all these sites, too many to even count. It is ridiculous, some of the remedies are foolish and I'll never get back the hour or so I spent on reading them. But then there was the one about oil pulling. The name sounded a little dirty so I had to read about it. Come to find out, it isn't dirty at all.
You basically swish oil in your mouth and it collects all the bacteria and you spit it out. There are theories on the oil seeping into your body, in turn giving you the benefits that oil can give you. It's good. It's strange and I like it.

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