Monday, February 22, 2010

Yes! Her name is Elvis.

I guess we asked for it, a lifelong of sideways looks and weird comments.
We named her Elvis because we liked the name and now that she is established, 5 months old, I can't imagine her having another name and no it's not a moniker. It would be a shame.
That's all I have to say about that... right now.
So I've started a few blogs in the past. One about our travels in Europe last summer. My husband is a musician and we (my pregnant self and our, then, 8 year old) went on an acoustic tour with him. No driver, no management, no band- we did it all and it was the most fun I have had in my life, It was one of those trips I will fondly think of when I'm 90, I will tell my great-grandkids about my journeys and that one will stick out as a truly special time. A moment of my history that I really cherish.
I did another blog while I was pregnant, It was the journey of my pregnancy. Lovely. Like a pregnancy journal that will forever be on the internet somewhere (not in the basement in a plastic bin marked "stuff").
And lastly, I had a thought one day to record my menus. I am cook, I love to cook and if you know me, you love to eat my food. But that blog was a sad, sad sight... who knew I wouldn't find time for it? It seems easy enough. I make dinner every night, no recipe books, I just follow where the food takes me. I am good like that, my husband thinks I could win on "Chopped", I don't know, mushrooms and ice cream? I don't think I am that good- if you've never seen it, never mind.
So yeah, it didn't work out. I just didn't have time to make the recipes up. I don't follow one, so I don't measure, I don't pay attention to what exactly I do so it was tough for me. With the 9 minute average I had after the dinner was eaten, cleared and the dishes were done. While my infant was sleeping in her swing and my, now, 9 year old was in the shower... I just couldn't get it together enough to make it happen. I wished for it to be seamless, alas it was not.
Now that things are a little more adjusted, meaning me and my new world, I am finding I have a lot of conversations in my head that I would like to put on this new "paper" we all communicate on. I'd rather have these conversations with real, live people... I mean, I think I would, but I am at a crossroads with that too... for now, I like to blog. 
Now that the pregnancy has ended and the Europe trip is 8-9 months past, I figured I could get back on the horse. I don't know if my old followers will follow me again, with the demise of those two and the failed food one... it seems I might be a little "flaky". Which, coincidentally enough, has been brought to my attention a few times lately, that people think this about me.
It bothers me and that, I've come to realize, must mean it is true or partially so. Although, I'd like these people to define "flaky" because in my mind I am not but I guess it could be true. If by flaky you mean I have a life, then yes. If you mean I duck out on our plans to go get a pedicure, then no. I'm just living my life which you will, if you continue to read my blogs, find out is complex, fun, hard and the life I would wish for if I didn't have it.
If I do fall off the wagon with this blog, just know that I had to cut the fat and part of my life is the simple fact that if there's fat to be cut I will happily put myself on the chopping block.

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