Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sleep walking and strange talking.

So I'm laying bed watching Chelsea Lately last night (it's how I get my news) and all of the sudden I hear Elwood, one of our two cats, scramble up the stairs (which isn't entirely abnormal, we call it the "Daly 500") but then there's the creaking of the stairs. I look at my bed and there's Jake, the other cat, so I'm thinking "HOLY SHIT!". I got really freaked out which I isn't really my nature but I reach for my phone to call, who? Ghostbusters? I don't know, maybe 911? Then I flip on the light and there's Q, standing there in his underwear, looking at me, with a dazed sort of stare.
I'm like "DUDE, you scared the crap out of me, what's up?" and he says "oh nothing" and walks past me and sits on the end of my bed, I'm like.... um, ok. He says "I just have these stitches all over my pants" and I said "Honey, you're not wearing any pants". He looks at me confused, so I ask him if needs anything, if he's had a bad dream, and he says no, so I tell him to go back to bed and he just gets up and walks back downstairs, climbs up his ladder (loft bed) and that's all. I say "did you have something to tell me?" and he says "ya", I say "what?" and he says "I don't know".
This morning he sits at the kitchen table for breakfast and says "I had the craziest dream"....

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