Sunday, October 3, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

and don't let me eat too much salt.
I think it is mandatory that when you go to a baseball game, you feel like a bloated pig when you leave. No?
I do it every time, I like baseball, sure, but I like the food more. I can barely type that sentence because of how repulsed I am feeling now, but seriously, park food rocks.
Speaking of rock. 
It has been brought to my attention that Eddie's song writing has gotten "soft"... I do and do not agree. I am of course always compelled to stick up for him, whether it be his ways or his wears, I am always going to go up to bat for that man (wow, no pun intended) but this time I am torn I guess. I see how it may be thought that because someone isn't singing about bangin' dope, screwin' chicks and the devil (makes three) that they have somehow lost their edge, but personally- I'm not into that shit (anymore) either.
I guess I feel compelled to write about this because he won't. He doesn't give a damn about any of the talk, he has been surrounded by "talk" for 20 years, so to him it's not worth it but to me, I don't know, I guess, even though I'm all grown up, I like to fight.
Bring it.

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