Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 days till Halloween...

and I've already eaten too much candy.
I filled 24 goody bags last night. Mini painted pumpkins (thank you Jenn and Pumpkin Patch Pals) pencil, eraser, rings, chocolate, gummy eyeballs, bouncy ball and silly bands. They look awesome. I made the best gross out box too. I looked online and there was nothing that wasn't typical and if there's one thing that I know about 4th graders- they are tired of the same ol
 same ol'... so I started looking around the kitchen, feeling stuff with my eyes closed.
I came up with the "dirty litter box" which is bulgar (or rice, cracked wheat or even oatmeal) and then I took some white rabbit candies (you could use tootsie rolls) and I heated them in the microwave for like 5-10 seconds (watch them, they melt quick and it turns into magma) then kinda roll them out, or pull them so they get long and lumps... yuck.
The second one is the cockaroachs. I used whole dates (Quattro assembled these) and then we cut pipe cleaner and stuck two ( 1.5 inch) under the "belly" of the date.
The last is "zombie guts" I am scooping out the insides of a pumkin.
So yeah, good stuff. Pictures to come soon, I am having problems. I will now be asking Santa for the new Mac air for Xmas.

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