Monday, December 5, 2011

The cream always rises. Right?

So I woke up today feeling pretty good. Had the better part of my day planned and after a very slothy weekend, it was a real good thing.
First up I had an OBGYN appointment. If you don't know what that is, you should look it up or quit reading... there's going to be a LOT of this kind of talk for the next 6 months.
I like her okay. She is not as bad ass as my last OB, or as handsome as the one that came before that. Unfortunately I have had to find a new one for every kid- seems as though it is a not a business people really stay in these days. Don't ask me why.
She's a little uncouth. Like she will say things that are immediately offensive but not mean. She will never remember who I am, which I hate but I am looking for a good baby Mama doctor, not a best friend. But that is the hard part, my last one was like my BF, she was SO cool, I had a total crush on her. She was really caring and asked me real questions and never ever judged me or made me feel less than because of the way I look or dress. The doctor I had when I was pregnant with Quattro (11 years ago) was amazing too. He was in his 40's, real handsome and I had hot pink hair. He never, ever looked at me weird. He never made reference to it or anything. He was just a really good doctor and he seemed like he liked me- like I was refreshing.
So back to doctor No. 3.
I don't think I like her. And that is a problem. Right?
Today we were talking about the gender ultrasound that is coming up. She said "make sure your husband is there" and I mentioned that he would probably miss it, but of course we'd try. She wanted to know why he'd miss it and I said he traveled for a living (mind you, I have told this lady practically every time we meet that my husband is a musician, and works on the road, that is why she has never met him...) and anyway she said "what does he do?" ugh.. "he's a musician" I say and then she said "is he faithful to you?"
I was speechless, which isn't really like me. I didn't know what to say, no one has ever asked me that, I was pretty sure that was something that was considered rude, especially when it is not coming from someone sitting across from you on your couch.
I stammered a little and said "well, ya. I mean, of course." I was still lost and then she picked up my chart and flipped to the page of my STD tests (totally part of the pregnancy drill, you even get an HIV test, yay! I failed it!) and she said (pointing to a bunch of scribbles) "well, you're all clear!"
So you tell me (as I sit here waiting for my sister to get a break at work to call me, so I can vent) What the fuck?
My friends told me to dump her. Get a new one. Which I can do. Luckily I have that option. But I really want to NOT change. I want my old doctor but she doesn't live in Seattle anymore and so if I can't have her I just feel like I should go with a good doctor (which this one is, she won OBGYN of the year, she's real good) and not really care about getting coddled. She has no tact, I can live with that- right?


  1. New Dr.! ASAP.
    I am sure she was asking because of heath issues, but the idiot had your chart right in front of her... isn't she being paid to read it... "'re all clear." If she had doubts maybe she could have framed the question 100 different ways. I am sure she isn't the only competent Dr. in Seattle.
    I probably would have asked her... "Is yours?"

  2. I'd change the doctor, too. I want to feel in good hands on both levels, medical and emotional. Of course you don't need her as your BF, but you shouldn't get treated like that either I think.
    Best wishes from Berlin!

  3. That is the thing I should have thought to say... I was stunned. I guess when you live in the lifestyle you forget about all the "sex drugs and rock n roll". That is why everyone gets into that game, but with my experience if you don't move on from that (even a little) you don't stay in it.
    Anyway, for today, it's gotta be water off a ducks back. I am okay with people judging me- so either I say something or get a new OB.

  4. Fucking unbelievable, new doctor STAT!

  5. What was her follow-up question going to be? "Well if he travels so much how did he get you pregnant?"

    Is there any way to find out who the runner-up was for OBGYN of the Year? 'Cause maybe that one's a total bad-ass. In other words I say find another OBGYN.