Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Cows?

There's an ad campaign that talks about California cows being "happy cows".
As I drove nearly 3000 miles, round trip, down the coast- I had an observation.
California cows don't look very happy.
If you've never seen the cow "farm" (I use that word lightly, it is more like a.... massive collection of cows) that is in California, that one that your milk and beef most likely comes from (if you're into that), consider yourself lucky.
It is the most disgusting thing. You can smell it before you see it. I am guessing there are no less than 20,000 cows in there and none of them look happy. So I am at a loss who thought that commercial was a good idea. I guess advertising has never been the honest business but I am in no mood to eat beef. I do drink milk, but it's usually organic and from Washington or Oregon, so I feel okay about that... I think.
I did, however, notice quite a few smaller farms in Oregon in which the cows actually did look- happy! They weren't all smooshed together, they had plenty of space and there was actually grass under their feet (hooves). In Cali, it was all shit or mud... or muddy shit. Ick.
So if you are ever near Buttonwillow (ahem, Buttholewillow) plug your nose and have a look around. Or better yet, don't.

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