Monday, September 5, 2011


Quattro ran some errands with me yesterday and while we were ducking in and out of places he said "you seem really happy".
I took that as the best compliment I have ever had. He knows me like no other, he sees me from the inside out. He notices. Eddie of course knows me very well but I think as adults we are distracted by ourselves, life and we know too much of someone's past to really see them for who they are right now. Eddie will always see me a feisty 23 year old, I think, he will no doubt always picture me like that- when we are old. I bet he will have the capacity to go "there" in his head and enjoy me in my youth. That's a good thing.
But my child, my son. He is another creature. He is very much about right now. It might be because he is so young and his perception is nearly 100% good stuff. He has had a very charmed life. But him noticing that I'm happy really made me stop and appreciate this happiness. I've earned it. Triumph is a reality. I'm fucking happy.


  1. wow !!! i used to get notifications for your blog, but i haven't in some have been busy with your keyboard haven't you.. just read about a dozen of your posts of your trip and will read the rest by the end of the day. it is so cool for you to share this journey with us..very few, if any, ever experience Europe through the eyes of a band members wife.. this is really cool Jess, and you are a great writer...i love hearing the kids stories, takes me back to so many memories of my own son...I really enjoy your blogs kiddo , keep it up !!!

  2. Yep, thanks for sharing it all with us :) Hope to hear from you even if the European tour is over now!
    Take care!

    P.S.: True what you say about your son and how he knows you. Same with my daughter. She seems to REALLY know me and to see me the way I really am. Having children is fantastic, a challenge, but a fantastic challenge!

    So hopefully you'll keep on writing this blog!

    Hi from Berlin!

  3. Stefanie, thank you! That is super nice.
    I hope to keep it up, sometimes I feel like I am SO BORING!
    But that is sweet to hear.

  4. ... NOT boring! So many times I know EXACTLY what you mean when you write your blog even if my life differs quite a bit from yours. That fact doesn't matter at all I reckon. In the end it's so good to read your blog and just enjoy and think "yes, exactly!" :)
    So, hope to read more from you here and then, but first of all have a great birthday today with Elvis and all your beloved ones!
    Take care!